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Preliminary Analysis Of Quality Management In Sign Tech

2688 words - 11 pages

Preliminary Analysis of Quality Management in Sign-Tech

Operational Management: Individual Assignment

Yang Shu

Table of Contents
1 Introduction 2
1.1 Sign-Tech Advertising Services Pvt. Ltd. 2
1.2 Methodology 2
2 Statement of Problem 3
3 Literature review 3
3.1 Dimension of Quality of product and service. 3
3.2 Quality Management System and Tools 4
4 Analysis of Quality Management for Sign-Tech 4
4.1 Dimensions of quality for Sign-Tech’s products 6
4.2 Dimensions of quality for Sign-Tech’s service 8
4.3 Quality Assurance and Control in Sign-Tech 9
4.4 Causes identification 10
5 Conclusion and Recommendations 11
6 References 13

1 Introduction
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1.2 Methodology
The method used for the study is as below:
 With reference to Sign-Tech’s website to know the company’s profile
 A shop visit was conducted to establish common understanding regarding Sign-Tech’s operation management.
 Interviews and perception from Sign Tech’s employees are collected so as to realize the company’s quality management system
 Theoretical concepts and personal experience are applied to analyze the problem and give related recommendations.Statement of Problem
Past half-decade have witness the earth-shake change of Sri Lanka economic. To seize the opportunity, many companies make efforts to be the order winners by improving their operation strategy. Therefore, the quality management has playing an increasingly important role in the operation management. Sign-Tech is no exception. To stay ahead in the market, Sign-Tech has to rely heavily on the satisfaction of their products by clients. Their personalized trophies are not simple manufactured products or services, just as iphone and istore. Specifically, they combine the intangible personalized design with tangible product and sell both of them. However, different customers have different points of interest. Although Sign-Tech locates their focus of quality management at customers, some of the products were still rejected due to deviation of product dimension, color, material and so on. What’s more, some representatives of foreign corporations switch their preference from Sign-Tech to domestic suppliers who are more costly. The phenomenon may undermine Sign-Tech’s local marketing leader position.
3 Literature review
3.1 Dimension of Quality of product and service.
Dimension of the Quality is used for quality characteristics analysis. Specifically, it is a measurement of customer’s concerns of quality in terms of tangible product as well as intangible service. On one side, the dimensions of quality for manufactured products are consist of performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics and safety. On the other side, the dimensions of quality for service include time and timeliness, completeness, courtesy, consistency, accessibility, convenience, accuracy and responsiveness. Some of the dimensions improve at the expense of others while some of them complement each other. To become an order winner of market a company is necessary to aware of balancing customer’s concerns of dimensions.
3.2 Quality Management System and Tools
Quality Management System is the approach used to manage the quality of product and service through the entire organization. The system mostly is standardized and systematic procedure to be followed by different level of employees. Once the quality management system established, whether it functions properly is vital to check so as to fulfill the customer’s requirement. Thus identification of quality problem and figure out the causes are crucial. That is the purpose of quality tools.

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