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Preferences Essay

752 words - 4 pages

The Sport Of Paintball
Gabriel Colon
Prof. P. DeVaughn
PSY 105
August 1st, 2012
Strayer University

The sport of paintball is a sport in which you have to trust your teammates and follow certain rules in order to win a match. Why I like this sport? I’m considered a person who likes to take risks, highly motivated and like to work in team. Paintball is also a good way to free the stress that I accumulate during the week. When I’m on the field, I feel free, but at the same time with a lot of responsibilities. Psychology plays an important role in this sport. If I were going to classify paintball under a subfield of psychology, I would classify it under cognitive psychology, which is ...view middle of the document...

In base of what I learned about the brain, is that some parts of the brain have a function in this sport. For example, when you are in action, gun fight (that’s how I called it), your adrenaline and your heartbeat are in their maximum potency. Why? The brain has a structure called the medulla, which is in charge of the regulation of vital bodily functions, such as breathing and heartbeat, resulting a high level of adrenaline. The midbrain is another structure of the brain that contributes to the player during the game. This structure helps you with your vision and hearing, the two most important key roles to play the game. The way that you perceive of how the match is going to be developed is through how you feel about the other team. If your senses told you that you are going to lose, maybe you are, because you are not completely concentrated in what you are supposed to do. Most of the times the opponent try to intimidate you, leading you to be disoriented during the game.
Paintball have some other requirements to be played. The last of those requirements is how multi-tasking person you are...

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