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Predicting Performance Essay

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* Problem Definition:

Alex's problem concerns on the weight & scores of student’s selection criteria in college admission especially Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the results of the test may not truly reflect what a student knows.

* Justification of the Problem:
The problem occurs as the (SAT) has a great pressure on some students, whom they suffer the test anxiety and this might not reflect what they really know, more over the quality of high schools differs from each other’s as a student from ordinary high school may get an “A” in a material and the other in such a demanding one may get a “C”, also the (SAT) has a discriminating effect on some students that can’t afford ...view middle of the document...

III. The ACT has straightforward, questions may be long but are usually less difficult to decipher, but the ACT has tricky, questions can be phrased in ways that make them difficult to decipher.
IV. The ACT is scored based on the number of correct answers with no penalty for guessing, but the SAT penalizes you for wrong answers, so guessing is discouraged.
V. The ACT is more of a "big picture" exam. College admissions officers care about how you did on each section of the SAT. On the ACT, they are most concerned with your composite score. Therefore, if you are weak in one content area but strong in others, you could still end up with a very good ACT score and thus make a strong impression with the admissions committee.

* Alternative 2: Replace the SAT with intelligence test (Scientific Sec.) making SAT optional for other sections replacing it with personal interview.
I. As New England College has a variety of sections, so it is not fair that all of the students admitted to the college, take the same exams or tests that does not represent what they will be In the future.
II. As the main aim from college is getting its graduates in good jobs, replace SAT exam with intelligence one for whom chosen scientific section will do help screening the right students for those kind of sections.
III. While making the SAT optional for other sections of the college, replacing it with personal interview, will do guarantee that the admission officers will get the right candidates for those sections too.
IV. Making the SAT optional, will increase...

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