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Précis Essay

255 words - 2 pages

100 Word Précis

Theme – social flow

The Mirror City is a self-reflect place. It can be a personal space, and also be a place that interact random people at the same time, which is like a network, Facebook.
In the mirror booth, the mirrors surround people, and the booth reflects them, so it can be own personal space.

Basically, the main idea (or the ...view middle of the document...

When people observe own reflections through the mirrors, they are free to maintain own personal space in that section of mirrors. Also, this effect can also work when many random people to interact at the same time. This social network can be similar to an actual existing online network like, Facebook. The major concept of the project is determined by getting inspired from a basic structure of a social network, ‘Facebook’. Basically, moving through from one space to another. In the Mirror City, the mirror spaces are linked by the wooden path each other as a network. Just like how in facebook, a person can meet a random person through their friends, and their friends and so on.

For architectural inspirations, R.O.M (Royal Ontario Museum); the sharpness and freewheeling shape and use of reflective material. Marinabay Sands Hotel in Singapore; the way of layering the ceiling is consulted as an idea.

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