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Pre Writing” Activities Essay

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Name: Patricia Burkett |

Expository Essay: Pre-Writing Worksheet
Before you begin any writing assignment, it is often necessary to complete several “pre-writing” activities. This worksheet will assist you with several of the pre-writing activities necessary for completing your expository essay including selecting a topic, developing a thesis statement, and identifying the audience for you essay. Follow the instructions to complete these pre-writing activities.
1. Choose a Topic
Here is a list of possible essay topics to use for your expository essay.
Please choose only one topic. You will indicate the topic you have chosen within the table below.

* Video games AND violence
* Internet AND workplace
* Exercise AND obesity
* Academic achievement AND library
2. Read the Module 1 lecture and review “The Writing Process” media piece.
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When reviewing the “Brainstorming Examples”, “Break Down Topic” may be a good one to start with. However, be sure to review them all to determine which works best for you.)
* “How do I develop a thesis?”
* “How do I organize my brainstorm into an online?” (You will complete this in Module 4)
3. Complete the following table as demonstrated in the “Example Student Response” below. Submit this completed worksheet to the Expository Essay: Pre-Writing Worksheet drop box by the end of Day 7 of Module 1.
Criteria | Example Student Response | Example Instructor Feedback | Your Response | Instructor Feedback |
* Choose a Topic * You must choose a topic from the list provided above. | Internet AND workplace | Great choice! | | |
* Develop a Thesis Statement * Brainstorming may assist with this. | Using the Internet in the workplace may be a violation of the company security policy. | You have a good start, but you can improve your thesis statement by explaining why earning a degree online is great and making it more specific. Try finding resources that explain why and this will support your thoughts and allow you to expand your thesis statement. Refer to your module 1 lecture for examples of a good thesis statement. | | |
* Identify Your Audience: * What would be important to your audience? * What is the appropriate way to address this audience (professional, familial, friendly)? | My audience would be adults who work in a job where there is internet access. What would be important would be to mu audience would be the pros and cons of internet access.The most appropriate way to address the audience would be professionally. | Perfect! | | |
* Questions I Have | In what manner should I address the audience? Should I speak more to the policy or stick to the policies or the facts. | Each supporting paragraph should provide information discussed in your introductory paragraph and thesis statement. For example, you first supporting paragraph might discuss the benefits to earning a degree online. | | |

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