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Pre Employment Math Testing.Pdf Essay

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Preparing for Pre-Employment Math Testing

Time frame to Complete

1. Students will become familiar with different types of
math problems
2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of math word

90 minutes

Standard(s) Addressed in Lesson
Benchmark(s) Addressed in Lesson

Using Math to Solve Problems and Communicate

M.4.2; M.4.3; M.4.25; M.4.28; M. 4.34; M.4.35

Information handout
Sample problems (two handouts) based on math concepts in real life settings (answer keys provided)
Scrap paper

Step 1 Introduce students to the concept of reading word problems for meaning. Distribute handout #1 with
...view middle of the document...

Key Words for Understating Basic Math Operations
and Five-Step Problem Solving Process
(Handout #1)














percent of






how many in all? take away





three times




Steps to Solving Process
1. Understand the question
2. Find the information you need to solve the problem.
3. Make a plan to solve the problem.
4. Solve the problem.
5. Check the answer.

Handout #2
In many workplace settings, workers need to know how to do basic computation
problems involving decimals, percents, and fractions. Sometimes you may also know
how to do word problems. You may encounter problems involving measurement and

1. You are a cashier at a grocery store. Your customer, David, buys a pound of bacon
$1.39, one dozen eggs for $1.29, and a pound of coffee for $2.79. What is the sum
total of his purchases? If David gives you $10.00 what is his correct change?

2. Wanda baked 168 cookies, packaged them in boxes of 12, and sold each box for
$1.20. How many boxes of 12 can be packaged if there are 168 cookies? What was
the total amount of money that Wanda made for all of the boxes sold?

3. Mary charges $8.50 per hour to clean a house. If she works 25 hours, how much
does she earn in one week?

4. William earned $9.50 an hour. He worked 40 hours one week and received a bonus
of $75.00. How much did he earn that week?

5. Each truck from Jones Removal Company can haul 500 pounds of trash at a time.
On Wednesday the company has jobs to remove 1,500 pounds of trash from one
site, 500 from another site, and 2,500 from a third site. How many total pounds of
trash will be moved by Jones Company that day? How many trips will it take for the
Jones Company to remove all of the trash?

Handout #3

.41 + 21.4 + 6.3 + 280


17. 2 x 40 =


Mr. Ortiz has to successfully interview 90% of his assigned households. He was
assigned 500 households. He has interviewed 430 households so far. Has he met
his goal?


Your new cell phone battery needs to be charged for 3 hours and 45 minutes before
using it. If you...

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