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Pran Rfl Business Level Strategy Essay

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1. Historical Background of Pran-RFL
PRAN- PRAN Group was born in 1980. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the Group they have over the years diversified their activities in several areas. PRAN's biggest asset is their competent, dedicated, hardworking, and skillful team of hands-on managers and employees.
PRAN is Bangladesh's largest grower and processor of fruits and vegetables. Their contract growers cultivate the choicest fruits and vegetables, which are processed in their modern and hygienic factories to highest quality & international standards.
RFL - RFL started its journey with Cast Iron (CI) products in 1980. The initial main objective was to ensure pure drinking water ...view middle of the document...

History- Actually PRAN was formed in 1980 by present CEO mej. G. (rtd.) Amjad Khan Chowdhury & RFL was founded in 1980. In 1981 they were merged and started their group named PRAN-RFL Group. Now they are one of the largest groups in Bangladesh.
Meaning of PRAN-RFL – PRAN means Program for Rural Advancement Nationally. RFL stands for Rangpur Foundry Limited.
PRAN’s View- Development of rural & agricultural sector of Bangladesh.
PRAN’s Mission -“Poverty and hunger are curses”
PRAN’S Aim -“To generate employment and earn dignity and self respect for our competitors”
PRAN’S Vision – Improving livelihood.
Type of Company – conglomerate Company. Manufacturing and food processing.
Employee- 40,000.
Industries – 6

2. Product Profile
PRAN takes a comprehensive approach to all kinds of agro processed food products, considering all of the ways to make their products hygienic and qualitable. PRAN food and beverage industry produces over 422 products and with their margering partner RFL they produce 0ver 2000 kinds of products.
List of PRAN products-
1. Juices: Juice in glass bottle, Juice in Aseptic Pack, Juice in hot filled PET bottle, Juice in tin can.
2. Drinks: In HDPE Shape Pak, In HDPE Bottle, In PET bottle, Instant Powder drink
3. Mineral water
4. Bakery: Custard cake, Pie cake, Layer cake, Bread.
5. Carbonated soft drink: PET bottle, Energy drinks
6. Snacks: Fried snacks, Pallet Snacks, Other Ethnics, Chuteny
7. Culinary: Spice, Mix Spice, Pickle, Sauce, Ketchap & Paste
Jam & Jelly, Mustard Oil, Rice & Allied Products, Mushur Dal, Papar, Honey, Noodles &
8. Confectionary: Candy, Deposited Candy, Hard-Boiled Candy, Soft-Chew Candy, Chocolate & Toffee, Chewing gum, Loli Pop, Edible Jell, Fruit Bar
9. Biscuit
10. Dairy: Liquid Milk, Milk Powder, Milk Drinks, Milk Allied Products

3. Competitive Status
In this journey of 32 years PRAN has come up with some really good products which are high in quality and supreme in standard. Now PRAN has almost 422 products available in marketplace. All the goods of PRAN are Halal.Products of PRAN are authorized by ISO: 9001:2012, Haccap (Hazard analysis critical control point) and Halal.
As PRAN gives highest priority in maintaining international standard and quality in there products, that’s why they are conquering the best position in Bangladesh and also into international market in some cases.
Product position of PRAN in Bangladesh and in international market-
Products | Position in Bangladesh | Position : internationally |
Juice | 1 | 28 |
Beverage | 1 | N/A |
Culinary | 2 | 15 |
Dairy | 2 | 18 |
Plastic products | 1 | N/A |

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