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Pragmatic Approach To Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control
The gun control issue has been a big topic for years now. Some people believe that gun control can help avoid massacres in schools, theaters, and other populated areas. There are so many occasions, where mentally unstable and incompetent individuals get a hold of a gun and harm innocent people. Gun control will also help stop accidental shootings, especially the ones towards children. Individuals who are for gun control also believe that it will decrease violence. If fewer people have a gun that means there will be fewer gun related crimes. Individuals who are for gun control feel unsafe with so many guns out on the streets.
On the other hand, people who are against gun control believe that it is an infringement of their constitutional rights. According to the 2nd amendment, they have the right to bear arms. They want to exercise the right given to them at birth. ...view middle of the document...

Parents will feel unsafe letting their kids go to the movies or even to school. Even having a gun at home can be unsafe, because kids might grab it without knowing the dangers and hurt themselves.
The main values of people who are against gun control are their constitutional rights and safety. Everyone enjoys his or her constitutional rights. The right to have a gun is one of them. People who are against gun control think that more gun regulations will directly violate their constitutional rights. Most people, who obtain a gun legally, do it for self-defense. They sleep better at night knowing that they can defend themselves if it is necessary. Police officers might not always come on time to defuse the situation. The main value between these two is the safety. Both sides really care about being safe and protected. Even though their ideas of being safe differ from each other, they both want the same thing.
By utilizing the pragmatic approach to this issue, we can try to find some resolutions that will satisfy both sides. Both sides care about their safety and the safety of others. Extensive background checks, tightening anti-trafficking laws, and teaching gun safety will be good ways to start. By doing background checks, the government can make sure that criminals and individuals with psychological disorders cannot obtain a gun. It will be for the greater good of society, not to facilitate firearm to individuals that are not competent enough to handle the responsibility that comes with it. By tightening the anti-trafficking laws, people will think twice before trying to sell guns illegally. It is also a good idea to teach the buyers how to use the particular firearm before selling it to them. If people know how to use it and know how to avoid making mistakes, the chances of accidental shooting will decrease.

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