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Practicum Report

4106 words - 17 pages

University of San Jose – Recoletos
Magallanes Street Cebu City

Crown Regency Hotels and Tower

Submitted by:
Fatima G. Laguna
BSHM – 4 General

Submitted to:
Mr. Reo Y. Yamuta
Crown Regency Hotels History

J. King & Sons Company, Inc., was founded in the 1950’s, it is a privately owned company based in Cebu City. The company started in the realty business operating warehouses, apartments and office spaces for rent. At present, the company has expanded to Tourism and Hospitality catering for both local and foreign tourists all over the Philippines. It has more than eight (8) establishments in operation in Cebu City and more than seven (7) outside Cebu ...view middle of the document...

Here, you can count on function venues, recreation facilities, and spacious, well-furnished accommodations to create an accessible and homey atmosphere. Whatever reason you're in town for, you're sure to have everything you will need during your stay.
Within the towers that make up the hotel, you can choose from a number of bars, cafes, and restaurants for a filling dinner or an entire evening of socialization. Alternatively, you can head to the hotel's many leisurely facilities. Enjoy a good book at the library, or a pampering massage at the spa, or finally try the thrilling Sky Experience Adventure Tour.
The location of Crown Regency Hotel and Towers - Cebu is just a 30-minute drive from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, in close proximity to major points of commerce and recreation in the city. Such a central address lets guests further enjoy their stay, gaining easy access to public transportation options.
With a long list of facilities available at this Cebu hotel, guests will find nothing amiss during their stay. In town for business or leisure, you can easily fulfill the purpose of your stay with the help of our practical features and services.

For the thrill seekers, the Sky Experience Adventure Tour is highly recommended. In-house Bars, Restaurants, and Function Venues are as follows:
Club 36, Glo Café & Restaurant, Kotie Japanese Restaurant, Mr. Grill Bar & Restaurant, Night Talk Bar & Lounge, Sparkz Restobar, Starbucks, Stratus Function Hall, The Peak Restobar, Wang Shan Lo Chinese Cuisine. While the following are the Recreation Facilities Aqua Fitness Pool, Family Recreation Floor, Power Gym, Prana MediSpa, Tower Salon located at Tower II under the supervision of the Club Ultima franchise.


1.1 Font Office Department

I was assigned in the Front Office Department first. As I have noticed there are six (6) Front Office clerks, two (2) telephone operators and six (6) concierge. They manage to have a well partition of their shifts. They decided to divide each shifts by twos in reception area, three (3) concierge and the telephone operators don’t have their shifts since they are only available at 8:00 am in the morning until 5:00pm in the afternoon.

All I can say is they are just like the normal front office clerks, they are doing their job well that it can passed in the hotel standards. They also trained me on what to do and since I am still a rookie for the job, they only gave me light works, most of the time they will let me stay in their business center but there were also times that they asked for my help in the reception area most especially when it is check-out time (12:00nn) and check-in time (2:00pm) also when there were many guests’ complaints and walk-in reservations. Sometimes when the reception area is not that busy, they manage to teach me on how to use their system which is called the D’Hotel and gave me advices on how to handle a guest most especially those who have...

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