Practicing The Important Skills Of Communication In An Exclusive Interview With My Mother

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After my first two choices for interviews fell through due to miscommunication and no return answer I had to pick someone who would definitely do the interview without a doubt. Since I was going back home to Colorado for Christmas to visit my family my mom was the best candidate for the interview. I immediately called her from Hawaii to make an appointment to interview her because I know how extremely busy her schedule is. When I made that call she was both shocked and surprised that I would want to interview her. She thought this would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and at the same time I could find out about the real "Rosanna".At first I was a little bummed out ...view middle of the document...

My mom made sure that I was completely recovered from the flu before I interviewed her. I didn't want to interview my mom while I was sick and coughing (it wasn't attractive) so by December 30 I was feeling 100% better and we went through with the interview that night.Our interview took place in my mom's study (located in our house), it had a professional atmosphere and I thought it would be an ideal place to have an interview. The location was perfect because the study is secluded from the rest of the house, which made it peaceful and quite with no distractions or disruptions. The location of the interview was an ideal place and the serenity enhanced the interview.I started the interview off by discussing her childhood; I thought this would be a good topic because it's straightforward and makes sense to start with. I asked a lot of questions about her parents because her mother is from Japan and her father is from Puerto Rico. She explained to me how both her parents could barely speak English because Japanese and Spanish was the primary language spoken. This made it difficult for my mom because she had to learn to do everything by herself. Being independent was a strength my mom had gained from a young age there was no question that she was much wiser than most girls were her same age. Her parents met in Japan during the Korean War because her father was stationed there. Their relationship had a rocky start because of the language barrier. No one really knows how they communicated; it must have been love at first sight because a year later they wed. They left Japan and fled to the United States in search of a better life and to start a family. They had a daughter Rosanna and then moved to Hawaii when she was 9 months old. While growing up in Hawaii the only way she learned English was when she started kindergarten. She would attend school and then return home to teach her mother English, because her mother had a great deal of trouble learning the language. She always felt more connected to her Japanese roots because her mother who was also the dominate caretaker was Japanese and she automatically felt more attached to that side of her. However, she never learned how to speak Japanese or Spanish because in those days it was looked down upon to speak other languages because it showed that you were a foreigner. She now regrets not learning other languages.The subject of her childhood carried on for awhile because there were so many things I found out that I had no idea even happened. The next topic we discussed was her high school years. My mom had a very straight and narrow high school experience, in my opinion she did not have the full high school ride. The only word to describe her is "perfect". Her entire life was devoted to school work and studying. She hardly went out with friends and almost never went to parties. During her high school years she boarded at MPI because her parents had to move to Puerto Rico to care for her father's mother...

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