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Powerpoint Essay

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Situation 1:

I would inform her the functions of Microsoft PowerPoint include the ability to present information and data through the form of presentations. PowerPoint allows users to present through whatever number of slides is required to present all of the information that is found. If the user has data or number they wish to present instead of just typing numbers PowerPoint allows the user to input these numbers into various charts, and graphs to give the audience a better view of this information. The user must decide which chart or graph will best represent the data. Users may also add notes to their slides to assist them during their presentations they may also provide printed handouts to help keep the audiences’ attention. For Susan I would ask her how much information and data has she found and they type ...view middle of the document...

From the Insert menu On the Insert menu, click Slides from Files. Click Browse to look for the file; in the Browse dialog box, select the file, and then click Open. To preserve the current formatting of the slides you want to copy, in the lower corner of the Slide Finder dialog box, select the Keep source formatting check box. (When this check box is cleared, the copied slides assume the formatting of the slide they're inserted after.) To insert selected slides, click the slides you want to insert, and then click Insert. To insert all the slides, click Insert All. Over the phone I would give him step by step instructions. Challenges could possibly be clicking the correct tabs and placing the new added slides to the end of each presentation to continue the flow of the presentation. I would attempt to do what I’m trying to explain taking a presentation and adding slides to it from another presentation, and if at any point I would come across a problem I would attempt to correct it. I would ask him did he click each tab and did he open the correct presentations and the right slides he wishes to add.

Situation 3:
Tim’s situations sounds like the computer in which he uses personally and used for his presentation may have been a more updated version that the one he used to create his presentation on. He can fix this simply by going back through his presentation and fixing his transitions as well as matching sure the font matches each slide, and also changing the transition speed to match up and make his presentation more presentable. Over the phone I would inform him to first select each slide and edit the transitions and speed of each transition, I would also inform him to edit the font on each slide to match. I would direct him to highlighting each slides and just editing the font using the home tab. He could also just edit the title slide and use the format of that slide and apply it to the rest of the presentation.

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