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Powerful Immigration Essay

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In the poem “La Migra” the author, Pat Mora, describes a terrible situation between a border patrol officer and a female Mexican immigrant. The poem illustrates an immigration officer who abuses his authority against a young Mexican girl. The author uses a stanza to display each side of the story. Overall this poem describes the actions taken by a border patrol officer who abuses a young Mexican immigrant who eventually escapes his authority.
The first stanza portrays the officer mistreating and abusing the young girl. The author begins by using the perspective of a corrupt border patrol officer who desires to take advantage of a young female immigrant. The officer threatens the Mexican immigrant by saying “You can hide and run, / but you can't get away / because I have a jeep ...view middle of the document...

This also describes how the officer uses his authority to sexually threaten the young immigrant.
In the second stanza, the author switches to reveal the point of view of the young immigrant. The Mexican girl begins by describing the advantages of her situation with a positive outlook. She does not let officer undermine her courage and spirit. She also seems to be mocking the officer by saying “Your jeep has a flat, /and you have been spotted/ by the sun. / All you have is heavy: hat/ glasses, badge, shoes, gun” (22-26). This is a benefit to her because the advantages the officer described in the first stanza are now disadvantages. His once strong and mighty jeep has broken down and the items that he carries are also very heavy. She continues to explain the advantages of her surroundings by saying “I know this desert, /where to rest, /where to drink (27-29). In this stanza, the author portrays the young girl as being strong and clever, unlike her description in the first stanza.
The poem “La Migra” by Pat Mora summarizes the struggle between a border patrol officer and a young female immigrant. The author exposes an immigration officer who almost crosses the line with a young Mexican immigrant. The officer repeatedly threatens the young girl, abusing his power and authority. The author also reveals a strong and diligent individual within the young girl. In the last stanza of the poem, the author turns the table on the border patrol officer by displaying strength and potential in the young immigrant. Overall this poem describes the actions taken by an immigration officer who abuses his power and threatens a young Mexican immigrant who ultimately evades his authority.

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