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Power To Maths Essay

1103 words - 5 pages

|Question |Working |Answer |Mark |Notes |
|1(a) | |(400 – 308)/2 + 1 |47 |2 |M1 for (400 – 308)/2 or 46 seen |
| | | | | |A1 cao |
| | | | ...view middle of the document...

5 (= 180) |
| | |3/24 x 360 x 2 = 90 | | |A1 for 180 and 195 seen |
| | |Takings = 360 x 0.5 = 180 | | |C1 for ‘a loss of £15’ oe |
|3(a) | |√(48/3) |±4 |2 |M1 for √(48/3) |
| | | | | |A1 for 4 or -4 or ±4 |
|3(b) | |2x + 4 = 6(x – 1) |2.5 | | |
| | |2x + 4 = 6x – 6 | |3 |M1 for 2x + 4 = 6(x – 1) |
| | |10 = 4x | | |M1 for 4 + 6 = 6x – 2x |
| | | | | |A1 cao |
|4 | |9 x 8 + ½ x 5 x 12 |102 |4 |M1 for splitting |
| | | | | |M1 for either 9 x 8 or ½ x 5 x 12 oe |
| | | | | |M1 for 9 x 8 + ½ x 5 x 12 |
| | | | | |A1 cao |
|5(a) | | |Vague response boxes |2 |B1 for a correct criticism of the question |
| | | |Question does not include a time period| |B1 for a correct criticism of the response boxes |
| | | ...

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