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Power Relations Essay

595 words - 3 pages

Language and Culture II
Film Studies. Amy Villarejo

1- What’s the meaning of this quote? Page 26

“Cinema, in other words,bears distincly different relationship that does language to conceptions of totaly: That’s part of what makes it daunting (for one can never imagine , much less see, even a smidgen of what has been recorded) but also what makes it powerful, compelling,fascinating).For it bridges a gap between the self and the limitless whole,between what we know intimately and what we can never know”.

2- What’s the meaning of this sentence? Page 29
“ Remember, in other words,that “reality” partakes of the functions of mise-en scene more than the measurement of its elements against a presumed “real word”, at the same time as films summon our experience of living in that real word by way our reactions and responses”.

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5-What’s the meaning of the concept “camera’s depth of field” in this quote? Page 36

“Even a stationary camera establishes and may change focus,in order to emphasize a particular plane or planes within the camera´s depth of field, the three-dimentional space the camera’s lens is capable of recording in focus in two dimensions, according to the shot’s role and logic”.

6-What’s the meaning of “ craning” in this sentence? Page 41

“When the camera leaves the ground, it is craning, frequently on an actual crane which lifts it from the ground to provide aerial perpective”.

7- What’s the meaning of this sentence? Page 43

“A fade may work in either of two directions: A fade-in lightens a shot from a black or otherwise colored screen, while a fade-out darkens to black”.

8- What’s the meaning of Continuity editing in this quote? Page 46

“The last area that therefore requires discussion with regard to editing ,particularlythe spatial and temporal editing I have been discussing, is the system of continuity editing, the name for the ensemble of those conventions solidified over time and so naturalized that one frequently only observes it as a system when it is violated”.

9-What’s the meaning of the concept “fan-blowing-on-a-calendar” in this sentence? Page 47

“Props help,of course : the old fan-blowing-on-a-calendar trick helped to communicate the passage of significant amounts of time, just as the bold LED display on a tricking bomb helps us understand just how much time our hero has to defuse it”.

10-What’s the meaning of this quote?Page 49

“Sound, however,engages a distinct sensory realm worth attending to with dome specificity, even (or perhaps especially) when silence seems to prevail.Sound ,as many critics have taught us,functions in a variety of different ways.”

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