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Power Point On Rape Essay

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Human Services

November 21, 2011

Interpersonal violence affects individuals, families and communities worldwide. Interpersonal violence includes rape whether by a family or known member usually inside the home, or within a community, which is called community violence. More than 1.6 million people lose their lives due to interpersonal or community violence.
Zoucha, R. (2006)

Conoyer - Bronson, J. (2006) state:
The term rape has different meanings ...view middle of the document...

Although all forms of rape are not included in this presentation, it is likely the woman will be under 30, know her attacker, will report it, will take a rape exam kit, and not have non genital or genital trauma.
Murphy, S. B., Potter, S. J., Pierce-Weeks, J., Stapleton, J. G., Wiesen-Martin, D. & Phillips, K.G. (2011).
Men are also the victims of rape. Usually, men are raped by other men although 95% are not reported. FBI statistics show that 1 in 10 men are victims of adult sexual assault and only about 5% are reported.
Conoyer, (2006)
Nurses and professionals need to be aware of their own dominant culture approach to interventions with others who belong to a non dominant culture. Professionals need to utilize cultural competence to provide competent care. Otherwise, the help given to victims and perpetrators won’t help or last. Often, stepping outside of one’s dominant culture is uncomfortable.
Zoucha, (2006).
Individual cultures determine what is acceptable behavior through their own norms and values system. Norms and values do change through “global shifts in perceptions and ideas pertaining to racism, prejudice, acculturation, immigration and migration. In some cultures, racism and oppression are considered causal factors in interpersonal violence”.
(Zoucha. 2006).

Rape myths are one reason rape goes unreported. Rape myths usually side with the perpetrator and question the innocence of the victim. These myths can support rape in society.
Some of these myths can include the victims dress or behavior
Implying some circumstances justify rape
Women falsely accuse men of rape (although this can occur)
Conoyer , (2006)

Victims may believe:

It is not a rape is there is no physical damage to her/his body.

Victims may feel they could have stopped the assault if a high level of force was not used.

Professionals’ need to know the context in which the rape/violence occurred and determine other forms of abuse.
(Murphy et. al).


Men are more accepting of rape myths such as:
Being raped by a male causes the male victim to lose their masculinity
If a man is assaulted by another man sexually the victim must be gay
Men cannot function sexually unless they are aroused
Men can’t be forced to have sex
Men aren’t as affected by rape as women
Men are always ready for sex
Men can defend themselves against rape
Men can’t be raped by women

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