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     The Power of Words

Silvana Paternostro describes the difficult life of women in Cuba. For an audience of mostly women, her emotional tone and simplistic style lets the reader get a feel of what these poor young women are going through in the October 2002 issue of Glamour Magazine.
     Paternostro explains the hardships that these women endure though out their lives. The only way to make a descent living in the country is to become a cabaret dancer or prostitution. She writes of their only two options with such emotion. The reader can truly feel their struggle. When the reader sees their pay (fifteen dollars) a month, it showers them ...view middle of the document...

This is clearly not an option in Cuba. Through the use of descriptive sentences the author gives a detailed description of the qualifications to become a dancer.
     Paternostro states “to qualify as a dancer, girls must be younger than twenty one and at least 5’4’’, to be a dancing model, she must be at least 5’8’’. They must posses grace, beauty and rhythm musically.”
     Clearly this is a detailed description of the attributes dancers must possess. It also tells of the young age girls must be to qualify. At such a young age, the dreams and hopes of these girls can be shattered in the blink of the eye. Cuban girls’ dreams are over, while an Americans’ is just beginning. If the reader looks deeply, this line possess emotional as well.
     Other details of many readers take for granted are things the author describes as “luxuries others could only dream of- such as cell phones, trendy clothes and other unthinkable luxuries.” The author uses descriptive words to describe what many of these girls will only dream of in their life.
     Paternostros’ simplistic style is not complex. The article does not contain complex words. There are no difficult meanings. The author is straight to the point using short sentence structure.
     In addition to her simplistic structure, the author showers the article with emotional tone. These two things go well together. Paternostro clearly describes the emotions of the dancers. Women can easily relate to this. They can relate to the anxiety of standing before an authorative and not feeling “good enough.” She states “Maria nervously stands before the schools artistic director…this is her one chance to shine.” One can feel truly feel for Maria. The feeling that “this is it, it is now or never and I’ve only got one shot.” The yearning to be successful is an emotion anyone can relate to.
     It is in this emotion where the line stating “where the peso is worthless, it is not stardom they seek- its survival” truly comes into play. It is in this line that shows style and tone together as one. This simple statement is straight to the point yet sheds emotion at the same time. When speaking of young adolescents, barely reaching womanhood “struggling to survive” one can truly...

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