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Power Of Ncaa Essay

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The Power of the NCAA


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a very powerful entity. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament receives more advertising dollars and has higher ratings then the Super Bowl and the World Series. This paper discusses various other papers all dealing with different aspects of this NCAA entity and the cultural, economic and social impact the NCAA has on the modern education system. These topics include an analysis of NCAA tournament broadcasts and the influence the TV industry has on what people view, the impact of facilities to recruit high quality athletes, as well as a cost-benefit analysis of university’s scholarship system. ...view middle of the document...

What is known, however, is that athletic scholarships are less cost beneficial to institutions then academic scholarships (Catma, 2012). A successful athletic program could however have more implicit benefits for the school when considering the cost of a scholarship. A successful athletic program must have a high caliber of athletes and successful recruiting staff (Barden et al, 2013). The NCAA has very strict rules governing the recruiting process, and many rules have been broken because of the nature and unbalance of the rules and more so of the negligence instead of the malicious intent of the parties involved.

A journal article written by J. Treme, R. Burrus and B. Sherrick implicated that high-value prospects at the guard position bring more of an immediate impact to a program than any other position (Treme et al, 2011). This is not to say that over the duration of more than one year other positions besides guards won’t help the team more but for the freshmen year it does. The study that Treme and colleagues completed was only for the regular season and the NCAA tournament wins were won by more experienced players (Treme et al, 2011).

Other factors determining where NCAA Division I recruits would go to school are hometown proximity and athletic facilities. Having a school close to home has many positive factors, such as community achievement and existing relationships, and negative ones as well such as distractions and the same existing relationships shed in a negative light (Barden et al, 2013). Athletic facilities was found to have almost a non-existent factor among recruiting (Schneder et al, 2012) even though popular consensus thinks that a nice facility will attract more players.

These articles were very interesting in the fact that a lot of personal experience has been explored as well. At first glance, some information seems incalculable, such as reasons why a student chose a certain university and ranked the top ten reasons in order of significance. The study included a sample size of only nineteen Division I hockey players (Schneder et al, 2012). It doesn’t state whether all nineteen student-athletes were at the same school or same city or region, but I feel the sample size was too small and if they all were in the same city for instance or region, it could as well have been for the environment of the sport, for example, playing football in the South, or basketball in the Midwest. Playing college basketball or football in Montana just isn’t the same, even if the coach is well respected, doesn’t mean the conference or difficulty of schedule is.

There has been some recent NCAA bashing in the news lately, and I can't say I agree with all of it, but I do agree with some. All the negativity stems from comparing athletes to other professions and virtually anyone other than athletes at universities can earn money and accept gifts. All Division I athletes have grueling schedules that demand no extra time to earn at a part...

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