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Power Of Mass Media Essay

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Media has revolutionised tremendously since the past century. Before the era of social media, only recognised news authorities with distinctive powers could report and spread the word of information to the general public. It helps to shape people’s thoughts and perceptions by providing information across the lands and seas.
The mass media industry as stated by Steinberg (2007) is “involved in the production and distribution of messages to large audiences” (p. 253). Mass media includes platforms such as newspapers, radio, and TV and now with advance modern technology, information is also available instantly on our fingertips. Severin and Tankard, Jr. (2010) explain that three ...view middle of the document...

With the media business booming and non-stop competitive strategies, it is not rare to see media companies selling out to their roots and becoming unethical to major business corporations. By selling out, they are able to generate a decent amount of income even if it is not the right way to do so and by being unethical it may stir more confusion and problems arise when it comes to shaping opinions of the public. Murdoch shaping the public’s opinion on Iraq and pressuring world leaders to escalate the war is one of the biggest examples.

As media faces more and more competition every single day, the struggle to stay in market gets tough. To stay in market, unethical methods like scandal, gossip, fabrications are being told on a regular basis to keep people’s attention. Business Insider (2015) reported that celebrities are instead becoming the new face of media moguls such as the Kardashian family. Celebrities these days have more power over their fans and they can be a good source of influence on young minds with social media taking over.
One can even witness that Singapore’s local well-read and biggest newspaper corporation The Straits Times is slowly selling out and becoming biased and one-sided. When it comes to reporting international news, Straits Times is vague. With the good relations of Singapore and Israel, Straits Times tries to avoid putting Israel in the bad limelight so as it would not worsen the ties of the two countries. Straits Times (2015) reported about Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who “called on Palestinians to stop ‘incitement to violence’,” but there was no such reporting of Israel initiating violence on the other country. This is an example of media manipulation. By not reporting on Israel’s actions, Straits Times has shown biasness towards one country and not informed the public the whole case. Another example of selling out by Straits Time is pretty obvious when the newspaper has very little news reported on important issues for example like an accident of a pedestrian which has very vague details and there is mostly full page, or even two full pages for advertisements. It is not uncommon for accidents to be covered in full details by Straits Times.
Rushing (2007) pointed out that powerful boards are the ones in-charge of everything in a news organisation. He also said that board decides on “who gets hired and who gets fired all the way down to the miniscule details” (p. 131). So it is clear that every detail is controlled in media organisations, especially in the Arabian countries. A clear example of the Arab countries controlling the media is also pointed out by Rushing when he highlighted that the “official Saudi Arabia media did not mention the invasion of Kuwait for 36 hours” (p. 132). It was since then the Al Jazeera lost its credibility.
Strict restrictions are not just heard of in countries like Saudi Arabia or even North Korea, but also liberal and progressive countries such as United...

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