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Power Of Love Essay

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Power of Love and Relationships
Linda Bishop
301 Social Psychology
Michelle Andes
PSY301: Social Psychology (COF15

According to research, psychologist have identified the factors of attraction as similarities, matching hypothesis, physical attractiveness, exposure, equitable, and playing hard to get. Similarities are being attracted to an individual who shares the same features, attitude, and values as themselves. The same goes for matching hypothesis were individuals desire a relationship with someone who is close to them in physical attractiveness. People also tend to get along better and gravitate toward people that they find physical attractive. Attractiveness appears to be a most important factor for initial phases of a relationship. Many times relationships are based on physical attractiveness.

The Mere Exposure Effect states that the more we are exposed to something the ...view middle of the document...

Human beings need to build bonds and relationships in order to feel like they are needed or accepted. This need to belong can be seen in the ease with which we form social bonds and the trouble we have breaking those bonds. Humans also build bonds in order to feel secure and accepted. Emotions play a big part in needing to build bonds and relationships. Some human beings may not have had good relationships growing up so they search for it and need it in order to feel like they belong. Our need for interaction and close bonds is a need, not just a want, in our lives.
There are three types of love that I will also address in this paper and that is companionate, passionate, and compassionate. Companionate love is characterized by deep caring for another person, comfort and trust, and enjoyment of shared experiences. Passionate love involves intense emotional arousal and physical attraction and compassionate love is the care giving type of love. The difference in the three is that companionate love is when you deeply care about the individual and are looking for a long term relationship, whereas be in a one-sided relationship were they put more into it than the other playing hard to get.
Passionate love is like lust it only last for a little while, and compassionate love is more like a brother/sister love. Sternberg Triangular Theory of love is that with passion, there is the initial infatuation, the strong emotions, and the attraction. With intimacy, the lovers become closer, inter-dependent, and psychologically their self-concepts begin to overlap.
Commitment is the most volitional of the three, the decision to take steps to maintain the love and the relationship.

In conclusion there are many factors that affect the power of love and relationships that are taking in to consideration before some individuals start relationship. Rather than be how attracted we are to that person, or the need we feel to bond with that individual. Relationships are not always based on love and they are not always what we would choose for ourselves.

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