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Power Nature Essay

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A university, a college or an institution of higher learning is rightly described as community where teachers and scholars are the head, students are the body and the library is its heart. If the body is to perform its function properly and efficiently its hearth must be well maintained and strong in its functioning. Thomas Carlyle was not exaggerating when he described a ‘true university as a collection of books’. [1]

The library is obviously the source of power of knowledge. In higher education and research, the use of library is a matter of concerns to students, teachers, and researchers. The exponential growth of literature often creates problems for them to access appropriate ...view middle of the document...

Users are now more independent than before; they can access to these electronic formats from their home computers and search databases according to their needs.

Information technology (IT) has long been viewed as having great potential for improving decision making in agriculture. IT has connected the world globally and is now changing our lifestyle and social Consciousness dynamically. Of late, it has emerged as a best tool for information sharing and mutual communication. None of the walks of life have been left untouched by the IT sector be it grain threshing or global business. Agriculture has also been greatly influenced by IT in the present era though the share of IT in agriculture is only 1.3%.

Information technology is rapidly becoming more and more visible in society and agriculture. The Internet is a standing topic in newspapers and on television, and the number of users doubles every year. Extension services are seriously planning to introduce paper free electronic information systems. IT supports new methods for precision agriculture like computerized farm machinery that applies fertilizers and pesticides using satellite positioning. Farm animals are fed and monitored by electronic sensors and identification systems. There is an urgent need for research in the proper use of such new technologies in agriculture. Good models, efficient algorithms and user-friendly software are especially sought for. Knowledge produced by the agricultural scientist must be transformed into computer understandable representations. Electronic communication in the agricultural society and rural areas must be developed.

Since its appearance, the Internet has brought people new ideas and opened new horizons. Creation of email and a World Wide Web made the world seem ever smaller, especially since the Internet came to be used in business. Selling or buying online began to become popular in the world. However, it's most important role remains communication, and the Internet has provided us with an ideal opportunity to do so. Researchers are flooded with information from the Internet and sometimes find it difficult to locate the web page providing actually useful information. The WEB will increasingly become a major source of information for agricultural producers, and it will take good skills to locate the information desired. One of the common complaints is the amount of time it takes to utilize the Internet effectively and the lack of depth of information. An area of increasing importance on Internet is the World Wide Web (WWW, WEB, or websites). The growth in websites and internet users continues to be phenomenal.

Over 81 million Indians now have access to Internet and over 1.6 billion users exists worldwide making it rich and powerful medium to create awareness of your business. Your web site makes your business visible to these Internet users.

The Internet is a promising source of information. Integration of Internet information in...

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