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Power And Organizational Politics Essay

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Discuss the concept of power and organizational politics using a situation you are familiar with, describe how power and politics have manifested itself.
There is no accepted definition of politics and power but many scholars have attempted to define it and what is commonly among them is that, politics is ubiquitous in nature. Politics is indeed human, and one cannot separate politics from human activity. This means that whatever we do we are simply exercising the concept of politics whether in our organization, the economy, the family, the school, the media and finally in the political arena.
Politics is to be found both vertically and horizontally in our society that is, ...view middle of the document...

Politics in line with the thinking of Nwabuzor and Mueller is to be found at the market places where trade unions take place when advocating for their desired interests. This is to stress that politics is human and no way can politics be separated from human activity. Politics in relation to power is the distribution of economic resources whether in monetary or material form but it must be underlined or noted that, the producers of these economic resources may not be necessary in control of the distribution of the same resources. The bourgeoisie may use other avenues of exploiting the labor values of the proletariat in order to achieve the desired goal.
Robert Dahl appreciated that power may exist in its cruel form as pointed out by Niccolo Machiavelli that the end justifies the means. The end can be achieved through violence, murder, persuasion, trickery, corruption and the aforementioned are much eminent in our organization. The most important thing is that the dominant must be obeyed and this is how power is exercised and abused in many organizations for selfish interests like in the awarding of tenders, promotions et’al.
Below in details are the concepts of power and organizational politics
Blackler &McDonald (2000) analyze power as a medium for, and product of, collective activity. Senge (1990) shares both these views with his observation that a political environment is one in which who is more important than what and power is both concentrated and wielded arbitrarily.
Thomas Hobbes came up with an interesting version of concept of power, that power must exist in its pure form and no one should question power because power is indivisible. This is very true in our very organization where individual don’t question power at all; they follow commands like programmed computers. The single individual at the top management epitomize
John Stuart Mill asserts that, “power is absolute, power indeed corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This is a true characteristic of power in that it will be abused like in the process of hiring and selection, recruitment, promotions et’al. Those with power and in power view themselves as demi-gods and their actions cannot be questioned by any authority especially if they are exercised within their familiar jurisdiction. Power must be looked at and understood within the context over overt action or over covert action that is; power doesn’t have to manifest itself so that one can realize or know that power exist. When there is control regardless of the description offered that is indeed power though, there are those who may say that they were in particular spell therefore they are not responsible for their action and this is a common trend on most offenders.
Put differently, Authority is legal power that has limitations and it mainly emanates from an office or laws of the state. With authority the individual is not significant as such because we have that element of impersonality in...

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