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Poverty Is A State Of Mind

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There is a big gap between wealthy and poor people and it has grown a lot over the years. One part of England is doing well, while the other part is struggling and facing bigger challenges.
It causes a lot of difficulties for the poor, but is it just materialistic or is it also psychological? In the essay “Poverty is a state of mind” by Bernard Hare from 2012, originally broadcasted on BBC radio 3, he reflects on his life growing up poor and talks about how he finds poverty as something controlled by your mind.
Hare is a social worker and a writer. He was born in Leed in 1958 and grew up in poverty. His father was a coal miner, and his mother was a shop worker in a department store, even ...view middle of the document...

So he got into a university to become a social worker, but through the education he drank and smoked. He says: “You can take the boy out of poverty, but you can’t take the poverty out of the boy. I was raised in the drink culture and I took it with me.” (p. 3 l. 163-166) Here he experiences how poverty actually does have affection on him later on in his life.
But when everything began to look better, the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher got in charge, which affected the miners, including his father. Therefor Hare felt he was in the mid-dle of it all. He wanted revenge and got into a bad environment, again. He says: “The world of drugs is the world of crime – and when you no longer care about society, or feel any obligation towards it, no longer feel the need to pay taxes, a whole range of possibilities open up.” (p.4. l. 212-217) After that he just wasted his life away, until one day he saw an example of child poverty and ended up being their only adult they could look up to. That is where it changed him, he writes: “They left me with the little choice but to get my old social work books out and start cleaning up my act.” (p. 4 l. 260-262) Because of that, he no longer wanted revenge and he started to become a writer.
By experiencing all of this, he discovers how poverty is not only materialistic, as he says: “Poverty isn’t only about a lack of money and resources. The worst poverty is found when there is a lack of education, understanding, hope – liberty fraternity, egality, as the French say.” (p.4 l. 288-292) But poverty can also be physiological. He was happy in his childhood because of the beloved times with his dad: “I loved spending time with my dad and his work-mates in the pub.” (p. 5 l. 296-297) and “I loved the noise of dominoes clattering on tables, the lilting Yorkshire voices, the tongue-in-cheek arguments over a few pence in change, and their loving insults and banter. Their lives depended on each other underground and they were as close as men can be.” (p.5 l. 312-319)

The contrast in the story is the big gap between the rich and poor. As said before, when the Prime Minister Thatcher got in charge, it looked bad for the miners. They were the ones who got all the blame. When Hare tries to help them by collecting...

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