Poverty And Health Essay

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Poverty and Health
Poverty has been a struggle many face in different areas around the world. Poverty is not just about not having money but also about poor health that has led to multiple deaths. A risk factor that lies within poverty is underweight; it is the leading cause of diseases among millions of children and adults and a major cause of death. "All ages are at risk, but underweight is most prevalent among children under five years of age, and WHO estimates that approximately 27% of children in this age group are underweight. This caused an estimated 3.4 million deaths in 2000, including about 1.8 million in Africa and 1.2 million in countries in Asia. It was a contributing factor in ...view middle of the document...

They become even more lethal when combined with the deadly forces of tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, which also cause a range of cancers as well as heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses." (WHO, 2002).
"Overweight and obesity are important determinants of health and lead to adverse metabolic changes, including increases in blood pressure, unfavorable cholesterol levels and increased resistance to insulin. They raise the risks of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, and many forms of cancer. The report shows that obesity is killing about 220 000 men and women a year in the United States of America and Canada alone, and about 320000 men and women in 20 countries of Western Europe." (WHO, 2002). Healthy people 2020 is a national health promotion and disease prevention organization that brings individuals and agencies together to improve the health of all Americans and all people around the world.
Poverty and health are two big categories that throughout the years it has been one of the main issues that a lot of individuals and agencies have come along together to better it and to offer help and awareness. The lack of health insurance has also been an issue to poor health. Many can’t afford health insurances and before Obama Care a lot had years of no medical interventions and scared to go in to a Hospital. Although, Obama Care came into place a lot still have a low income that makes them impossible to afford health insurance that will cover their needs. Many communities and organizations have opened and encourage for healthy eating and exercise to help everyone live a healthy lifestyle even if they don’t have insurance. Many new programs are now available for adults and children and a lot of promotion to go outside and play instead of staying inside and playing video games. Many organizations and grocery stores offer more variety of healthy habits at a price that some of us can afford. So let’s get up and move, enjoy the outside and enjoy our life through healthy habits and outdoor activities for a better future.
The following are some statistics from 2011 of general poverty around the world:
* The world population is...

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