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Potential Careers In Sports Management Essay

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Potential Careers in Sports Management
Esther Cole
University of Incarnate Word

This is my very first course in sports management and I have learned that there are many paths I could take once I graduate. Right now it is too early to feel passionate about any one career path. I will discuss various careers in sports management and I how feel about them now as I am just starting out. I hope to look back at this paper when I am finished and see if my views and opinions have changed.
The Number of students who decide to get a MBA in sports management has grown significantly since the recession. A Ba in sports management was not producing jobs that many hopeful students thought it would. ...view middle of the document...

One professor said “My biggest challenge in accepting students today is separating the sports fan from the sports business student’ (Wecker, 2011).
MBA sports management programs are by no means uniform in nature; there are schools that are considered at the top of their game. These schools are able to aid their student population in getting the best jobs after graduation. These schools are heavily invested in networking and their reputation for excellence gives them a competitive advantage for their student’s success (Wecker, 2011).
Through research I found a variety of career options that could be appealing to work in. “Athletic Director, Marketing Manager or Director, and Information Officer” (Staff, What Can I do With a Degree in Sports Management?, 2015).
Athletic Director
The most difficult position to attain I found is the athletic director. You cannot just work hard in your position in sports and one day someone says he or she is a hard worker let’s just make them the athletic director. You have to stand out in the crowd and the crowd is pretty big. You have to think outside the box. “Clearly establishing a personal brand-whether by serving on NCAA committees, being visible in conference meetings, or publicly sharing your views via social media in ways that are helpful” (Cross). So essentially you have to stand out in the crowd the way no one else does.
If being an athletic director is what you are aiming for you also need to understand how the occupation is evolving. Many athletic directors came right out of coaching a sport and into the position. This tradition became less common and the focus became people who could raise money. The focus then turned to businessmen who could successfully run a business, with or without any experience in the sports industry. This concept is fairly new and only a small number of athletic directors fall into this category. So the key is to pay attention to the current tendencies the sports world is doing in hiring athletic directors (Cross).
Other information that is vital in your quest to become an academic advisor is knowing what level of athletic conferences you seek to be a part of. There are big differences in conferences and divisions. Large schools tend to have higher salaries, more support staff and bigger perks, but you also have a larger responsibility and more publicity and most likely the hours will be long and arduous. Smaller schools usually have smaller salaries and less support staff but could offer a better family atmosphere less hours and minimal media exposure. These things need to be examined closely before you set out on you journey to be an athletic director (Cross)
Other things to consider are the type of institutions you want to be at. Because of “sunshine laws, that makes anything you write or do related to your job public information” (Cross) the decision to go to public institutions should be weighed heavily because you privacy will essentially disappear. Deciding...

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