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Potential Abuse Of Human Cloning Essay

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Potential Abuse of Cloning


It is understood that using forms of genetic manipulations has great potential, if the usage is based on the idea that it will be used to improve agricultural production, medicine technology, and the like.  To use cloning as a coping device for those who mourn loved ones, or simply cannot deal with nature's life and death process, however, is simply wrong.  It is not only idealistically wrong, but ethically, morally, and even lawfully unjust.  If cloning human beings becomes a reality, it will be the process that will slowly deteriorate the diversity of the world, and the ability for people to deal with negative occurrences in their ...view middle of the document...

Somatic manipulation only changes the somatic gene makeup of a single person (their physical appearance).Germline genetic manipulation, however, passes all manipulated genes throughout the future generations (so any odd physical appearance or disease that is eliminated in one child will be forever eliminated in it's heritage line) (Hayes pars. 10-11).


    Many doctors are now suggesting parents test their unborn children and cure them of any maladies they could possibly encounter during their entire life through somatic manipulation (mostly including major outwardly physical disabilities).This way they can do everything possible to "perfect" their child's outward appearance and mental abilities prior to birth.To test the genes for any problems they use a process called amniocentesis (which can also be used in abnormal situations to find the sex of a child).For this process a doctor must stick a very long needle through the mothers stomach and into the amniotic sac (the sac which holds the unborn fetus/child).Once they have entered the sac they take a sample of the amniotic fluid contained within.The fluid that is taken will contain flakes of dried skin from the fetus, which can be tested to find what the baby's genetic makeup will be.


For people who have certain diseases, or mental disabilities, which run in their family, doctors are suggesting to completely modify their genetic makeup.By doing so they are assured a complete prevention of defective gene transmission.To perform this procedure doctors propose the usage of germline genetic manipulation.By using Germline genetic manipulation, all future generations within that heredity line will lack the genes that cause any minor or curable maladies.(Even though the genetic problem may not be a threat to the child's life, the doctors are still pushing parents to participate in amniocentesis just to eliminate any possibilities of transmission.)


The third type of cloning is nuclear transfusion.This type is the actual creation of a child from an unfertilized egg. It has been claimed that the procedure is very simple: a donor cell, or its genetic material, is inserted into an unfertilized egg.(The genetic material of the egg has been previously removed).Then the "reconstructed embryo" is placed into a surrogate mother who will carry it to term (Harley par 4).


A major question with nuclear transfusion is how identical will the clone be to the original human being?After all, the clones would be growing up in different environments, probably with different people, and would have been created in two different ways.


        Another major difference between a normal human and a nuclear-transferred clone is that different women would be carrying the cloned embryos to term (in a model situation).Due to the clone being a creation, what kind of relationship could it have with its "creator"?This...

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