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Postpartum Hemorrhage Essay

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Postpartum Hemorrhage
Learning Objectives:
* Performs a basic physical assessment of the postpartum patient (APPLYING)
* Identifies the signs and symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage (REMEMBERING)
* Determines the most likely cause of hemorrhage (ANALYZING)
* Performs appropriate nursing management interventions for the patient experiencing postpartum hemorrhage (APPLYING)
* Evaluates effectiveness of interventions and revises plan of care as indicated according to patient’s condition and assessment (EVALUATING)
* Prioritizes the implementation and approach to the nursing care of a patient with post partum hemorrhage when working with other health care team members ...view middle of the document...

What are the differences between early and late hemorrhage?
* Early – usually occurs during the first hour after delivery and is most often caused by uterine atony (lack of muscle tone that results in failure to contract)
* Late – Hemorrhage occurring between 24 hours to 6 weeks after delivery and is usually caused by sub involution (delayed return of the uterus to its non-pregnant size and consistency)
5. Why is the nursing assessment vital to caring for the postpartum woman?
* Important to always assess the mom – so many things can go wrong or there can be problems after a delivery… they may have a laceration somewhere, develop an infection, hemorrhage, have problems attaching to baby, etc. They are only in the hospital for a short period of time so a lot of teaching has to be done fast and teach them what to assess for with complications. Want to prevent further complications from happening or other problems from arising. Want to catch problems when they are little. Making sure she is physically stable.
6. What is uterine atony and how does it cause postpartum hemorrhage?
* Uterine atony is when the relaxed muscles allow rapid bleeding from the endometrial arteries at the placental site. Bleeding continues until the uterine muscle fibers contract to stop the flow of blood. It causes hemorrhage because it doesn’t contract firmly around the blood vessels.
7. What are other causes of postpartum bleeding?
* Trauma – vaginal, cervical or perineal lacerations as well as hematomas
* Lacerations – caused when fetal head descends rapidly or when assistive devices such as vacuum extractor or forceps are used
* Hematoma – bleeding into loose connective tissue occurs while overlying tissue remains intact
8. How is postpartum hemorrhage treated? Make sure you know pharm!!!
9. What are the indications and contraindications of common medications used to treat postpartum hemorrhage?
Pre eclampsia
Learning Objectives

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