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“The post-War of 1812 “Era of Good Feelings” saw an upsurge in economic, diplomatic, and judicial nationalism. Analyze these events and cite incidents that turned the good feelings bad.”

After the war of 1812, Americans finally started unifying, and supporting the country. Due to this mass amount of newly found nationalism, the post was years were dubbed the, “Era of Good Feelings.” With the only political party being the Republicans, James Monroe ran unopposed in 1820. The post-War of 1812 “Era of Good Feelings” saw an upsurge in economic, diplomatic, and judicial nationalism. Eventually there were a few incidents that turned this “Era of Good Feelings” to not ...view middle of the document...

The western farmers are going to blame the Bank of the United States. The bank needed to tighten up the money supply, in order to make credit less available. The Panic is caused by the Second Bank of the United States tightening to money supply. In order to curve speculation the United States Congress passed a Land Act in 1820 that cut the size and purchase price for government land. Another case of these feelings going sour was in 1819 Missouri applied for admission to the union as a slave state. The deal was that in the senate there had to be a balance of slave states versus free states. Had Missouri been admitted a slave state, it would have thrown the senate off balance causing a constant majority rule. There was a major debate over the slavery issue. Many proposals were introduced. The Talmadge Amendment banned the further introduction of slaves in the Missouri territory and to provide for a gradual emancipation of the slaves who were already there. The Talmadge Amendment passed The House, but once it reached the senate it was a deadlock. Henry Clay, “The Great Pacificator”, developed a compromise known as the Missouri Compromise. The Compromise drew a line at the 36-30, which became known as the Missouri Compromise line. There would be no slavery in the Louisiana territory north of the 36-30. The one exception would be Missouri itself. After this incident it became tradition to admit two states at one time. One slave, one Free.
The post-War of 1812 “Era of Good Feelings” saw an upsurge in Diplomatic Nationalism. At the pinnacle of American Diplomacy during the Era of Good Feelings was Monroe’s extremely capable John Quincy Adams. Adam’s foreign policy is going to focus on hammering out some border issues and on established security for the United States in the western hemisphere. Now, under John Quincy Adam’s tenure as Secretary of State, we are going to see a few of the problems that we had with Great Britain like we had in the war of 1812. One of the first treaties will be The Rush - Bagot Treaty. It was between the United States and Great Britain in 1817. The treaty demilitarized the great lakes and demilitarized the border between the United States and Canada. It was followed up the next year by the Convention of 1818. The convention established a border between the United States and Canada at the 49th parallel. Where Oregon was concerned, we agreed to a ten year joint occupation between the United States and Great Britain. There was a meeting held, the Congress of Vienna. The Europeans had lost a lot of territory in the Napoleonic wars...

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