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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Essay

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This paper is about Post-traumatic Stress disorder or PTSD. This paper will show and explain what PTSD is and what may trigger the mental illness. PTSD can affect individuals from all paths of life. For this reason, I included the effects of PTSD on different groups of people. These groups are broken three categories, the general impart of PTSD on ordinary people, PTSD effect on children and PTSD effect on veterans. There many ways of treating PTSD in all three groups. This paper will go in detail of all the most effective and common used treatments of PTSD and their potential side effects. However, there is an alternative treatment or a way of life above all men kind invention. That is a ...view middle of the document...

Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, and tornadoes are all categorized as natural disasters. A traumatic event can be a physical, emotional or psychological experience. It is the interpretation of an experience that causes a threat of disestablishing of a person’s world or safety. A traumatic event is often describe as a feeling of being overwhelm, alone and left hopeless after an experience. During the time of a traumatic event a person may feel numb, and looses all consciousness to respond accordingly. Following that experience at a later date, the person can relieve those painful feelings of fear, anger, helpless and perhaps even horror based on the memories of that traumatic event.
The effect of PTSD can majorly impact a person emotionally. Those emotions vary within persons. Some people may experience anxiety, guilt, shame, disbelief, confusion and sadness, while others may experience shocks, denial, regrets, anger, and difficulty concentrating. Those feelings come in no particular order. People may experience only certain ones or all of them. During the effect of PTSD, a person can have difficulties explaining exactly how he or she is truly feels. It is not uncommon for a person to break down in tears instead of expressing in words that causes the feelings behind the tears.
PTSD also impacts a person physically as well. A person may experience fatigue. At night her she may not be able to sleep properly. A person suffering from PTSD often has nightmares relating to the disaster experience or traumatic event. PTSD sometimes can cause a person to be on edge or continuously alert when it is clearly unnecessary. That person may get startled very easy. There are times a person may feel pains, aches and involuntary muscle contractions with no effect of any outside forces. During those times, the heart can pace fast or at an irregular pace. The person may experience racing thought thoughts in attempt to control to experience he or she is going through.
Another harsh and unfortunate way PTSD cause devastation is by impacting the family and the love ones of the primary victim. Family and love ones who are living with a person suffering from this disorder can find it hard to bare and live with. The constant nightmares and mood variations of the victim can make it very hard for the love ones to adjust to or to even approach him at times. The victim may feel lonely or being avoided. The person suffering from PTSD may to everything possible to avoid certain activities or places, not because of lack of interest. Instead the reason behind such behavior could be those place or activities triggers the memories of the traumatic event. If could be really hard for love ones to adjust unless they carefully learn about PSTD. Family that has a hard time adjusting to one of another can end up separating which causes more pain for parties. The children of that family may feel abandoned or let down. That could later on affect them on how they deal...

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