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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder |
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Individuals suffering from post-dramatic stress disorder (PTSD) could find a great deal of relief in the facilities and support groups available throughout the country. Post-traumatic stress disorder has been an issue haunting Americans for generations; the lack of a viable cure also makes its common existence extremely dangerous. It’s understandable that victims and their family members would do anything to help this terrible mental disorder, and with modern medicine and psychiatric evaluation techniques; a sigh of relief can be taken. For years this condition has been seen a form of mild psychosis rather than a ...view middle of the document...

There are many things that can be done to notice it before it gets worse, and plenty of sources when trying to seek help.
Among the constant stream of armed conflicts in the world, and the stress in our daily lives; there has always been a mental breaking point for the victims involved. Taking a look a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), humanity can begin by understanding what the most common reasons for the acquisition of this life changing disorder.
Soldiers on the battlefield are the prime candidate to receive visual and auditory events that could potential harm their mental state. During armed conflict there is always the high risk possibility of witnessing the graphic death of a squad member or close friend, either in direct conflict or from crossfire; witnessing these deaths aren’t something anyone is going to quickly forget. The direct personal conflict such as killing or injuring another soldier or civilian is anther invitation to mental instability and more commonly the cause in these situations (Lindberg, 2010). For some soldiers, it is the sounds they experience on the battlefield; gunshots, explosions, screams of agony or pain these can all be directly attributed to PTSD.
Soldiers at war aren’t the only victims of PTSD; studies suggest that inmates have been known to suffer from the disorder as well. Going to prison has been known to have intensely negative effects on the mental stability of the inmates involved, and lengthy prison stays are more likely to have even farther reaching effects (Lindberg, 2010). Violence is common place in most prison environments and witnessing the events in repletion can essentially “numb” the individuals leaving them in a very weak metal state. Rape is another common occurrence even in maximum security prison scenarios. Victims and witnesses to this kind of event often have a deep mental conflict that can last a lifetime. Being completely isolated in a containment cell for long periods of time have been the most common cases leading to PTSD in prison. In this state the mind has no opposing forces in which it needs to maintain it working functionality and leads to increased metal instability.
Civilians often fall victim to PTSD as well, trouble at home can have very serious mental influence. Domestic abuse is a more common alliance with PTSD in normal civilian life; those who have witnessed or experienced such events are more likely than most to acquire PTSD. The constant verbal conflict experienced by one partner in a domesticated environment can have long standing effect on any individual. The physical side of these events is even more penetrating to an individual’s mental state and can leave individuals permanently scared or in a state of fear. (Lindberg, 2010) The most disturbing issue with home and domestic violence is the involvement of young children. Young minds are often not as developed and the imagery and involvement of violence at home can remain with children throughout their...

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