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Post Purchase Essay

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In addition to the overt types of behavior that result from purchase, the consumer also engages in an evaluation of the purchase decision . Because the consumers is uncertain of the wisdom of his decision. He rethinks this decision in the post purchase stage. There are several functions which this stage serves. First, it serves to broaden the consumer’ set of experiences stored in memory. Secondly provides a check on how well he is doing as a consumer in selecting products stores, and so on. Third, the feedbacks that the consumer receives from this stage helps to make adjustments in future adjustments in future purchasing strategies.
Consumer satisfaction / dissatisfaction:
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Advertising may often be an important factor influencing these expectations as we shall see later. Consumer may have variety of product performances expectations. Including what the consumers hopes performance will be in terms of an ideal level what would be fair and equitable given the consumer’s expenditure of time and money in obtaining and using the product and what the consumer expects to actually occur.
One consumers purchase and use product, they many then become either satisfied or dissatisfied . Research has uncovered several determinants which appear influence satisfaction including demographics variables, personality variables expectations and other factors. Or example, older consumers tend to have lower expectations and to be more satisfied Higher education tends tbe associated with lower satisfaction. Men tend to be more satisfied than women. For more confidence one has purchase decision making and more competence in a given product area, greater one’s satisfaction tends to be. There is also greater satisfaction when relevant others are perceived to be the more...

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