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Post Earthquake Relief Action Essay

2859 words - 12 pages

Research Methodology

Post-Earthquake Relief Action

1. Abstract
2. Background
3. Literature review
4. Aim
5. Hypothesis
6. Scope
7. Method of Data collection
8. Survey Questionnaire
9. Gujarat’s Vulnerability to Earthquake
10. Case Study: Bhuj Earthquake
11. Drawbacks of the Bhuj earthquake
12. Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA)
13. Data Analysis
14. Conclusion
15. Bibliography

India has been traditionally vulnerable to natural disasters on account of its unique geo-climatic conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides have been recurrent phenomena. About ...view middle of the document...

We will also analyse the present scenario and the state’s preparedness for any future disaster for understanding their abilities to cope up with the same.
The hypothesis arrived at for this research is state’s preparedness to deal with an Earthquake in terms of awareness, monitoring, mitigation, response and capability of recovery are required to be enhanced and integrated.
There is a huge scope of research in this field but paper is restricted to disasters caused by earthquake and post earthquake relief actions taken by government and other agencies.

The following sources were used for data collection:
* Books
* Internet material including other research papers and articles on the subject.
* Survey for experts: This survey was done based on the reviews and perceptions of experts in the field of earthquake engineering.
* This includes their viewpoints towards the post-earthquake relief measures of the past earthquake as well as their perceptions for improving the same for future need.
* The survey consists of two types of questionnaire as follows:
1. Survey for experts
2. Survey for agencies

* Interactions with the Gujarat State Disaster Management authority (GSDMA)
* Interactions with Gujarat State Emergency Operation Centre (SEOC)
* Reports of national organizations.


Disaster Management for an Earthquake

Date: - ____/_____/______

Data Collection:

1.) Which organizations keep records of past disasters?

2.) What is the risk identification technique’s used for the disasters?

Emergency | Database | Maps | GIS | Others |
Earthquakes | | | | |
Floods | | | | |
Droughts | | | | |
Land Slides | | | | |
Epidemics | | | | |
Forrest Fires | | | | |
Man-made disasters | | | | |

3.) What are the improvements in our risk identification techniques needed according to your viewpoint?

Early Warning Systems:
4.) What early warning systems are in place? Where?

5.) Which organizations are responsible for earthquake warnings?

Relief Resources:

6.) Human resources used for the disaster management of the Bhuj earthquake,2001:

Teams | | | |
Search & Rescue Personnel | | | |
Relief volunteers | | | |
Emergency doctors | | | |
Disaster management trainers: | | | |
Logistics officer | | | |
Meteorology experts | | | |
Heavy machinery operators | | | |

7.) Identify materials used for the disaster management of the Bhuj earthquake,2001 in the country
| | | |
Immediate relief for x persons | | | |
Immediate relief of x hours | | | |
Ready-to-eat food | | | |
# of tents | | | |
# of cars | | | |
# of Bulldozers | | | |
# of Excavators | | | |
# of Trucks | | | |
# of Helicopters withSufficient...

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