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Coastal Medical Center Case – Exercise 10:

What type of long-term care does Coastal Medical Center provide? What is its competition in this area?

CMC is a tertiary care facility. The main competitor for CMC is Johnson Medical Center (JMC) which is a tertiary care facility that owns four nursing homes, two assisted living facilities, a durable medical equipment company, a wellness center, an ambulance service, and an industrial medicine business. The facilities are located within 30minute of the main CMC facility.

Questions to be answered:

1. Outline a PAC plan appropriate for Coastal Medical Center.

An orthopedic inpatient rehabilitation care program is best situated for CMC to explore in the Post-Acute Care service provision.CMC has constructed a hospital owned medical office for this purpose. By attracting the best orthopedic surgeons in the region it makes business sense to provide the widest range of ...view middle of the document...

This group is important for the initial conception, planning and execution of the project. TheCEO, finance, insurance and State are key in strategic planning involving budgeting, performance measurement and legal compliance. The physician, nurses, physical therapy director play the important critical role of clinical planning for the patient, developing treatment plans and managing daily patient activities.

The other grouping will involve support services which involves case management, pastoralservices, and nutrition and rehabilitation equipment suppliers.

3. How will you know if Coastal Medical Center’s PAC plan is a success?

Key performance indicators in a PAC are measured by quality of rehabilitation provided to patients by clinicians, how cost effective the service is compared to other providers, patient feedback and perception about the rehabilitation service and profitability. The continuum of care component in any patient service model is very important. How easily a patient is transferred from the main hospital to the rehabilitation unit with complete discharge instruction, follow up care and billing plays a role in quality of care. For success to be realized hospital mangers have to be creative and innovative in how they manage the patient experience at CMC.A Donabedian model of measuring success measures structure of the hospital, process of patient care and quality outcomes. To signal success these indicators will have to be improving in

Reduction in adverse medication injuries.

Reduced in avoidable health outcomes originating from omission or commission.

Improvement in the quality of diagnostic tests & procedures.

Patient understands and follows treatment plan.

Once such quality metrics are improving the profitability of the venture will be realized since satisfied patient s are likely to recommend the PAC to others.


Harrison, Jeffery P. (2010) Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare.  Chicago, IL: Health Administration 16,143

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