Positive Effects Of Friendship The Hunger Games

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Positive Effects of Friendship

There is one thing that all three characters had in common with one and another during the book, ‘The Hunger Games’ written by the New York Times Bestselling Author, Suzanne Collins. All three characters portrayed a positive effect on Katniss Everdeen; Peeta, Rue and Cinna. Whether it was being kind and thoughtful towards her or earning Katniss sponsors and helping her while in need in the arena. They all did something amazing that truly left a positive mark on Katniss, which finally led to her winning the hunger games.
Peeta had a definite impact on Katniss in the district and also during the hunger games. To start off, Peeta saved ...view middle of the document...

Rue helped Katniss while she was unconscious for days after she was stung by the tracker jackers. Rue made sure she was well protected, as well as healing Katniss’ tracker jacker stings. If it were not for Rue, Katniss probably would have been killed by another tribute. Not long after, Rue and Katniss became alliances and decided to destroy the Careers’ food supply. “Today we take out the Careers’ food” (Collins 210), Katniss said to Rue and together they accomplished just that! By destroying the Career’s supplies, it meant they would have no more ‘free’ food and that they would have to hunt for it instead. Katniss was hoping some Careers’ would die simply of starvation. Rue definitely impacted Katniss’ life in the arena for the better.
Last but not least, Cinna. Cinna had a huge positive impact on Katniss. Not only was Cinna the only one in the Capitol that had said sorry for her being chosen to participate in the hunger games, but he also tried his best to help Katniss in anyway possible. He wanted to make sure people remembered her (as the girl on...

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