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Positive And Negative Backwards In Bedroom

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Negative Effect:
When a person first walks into the cramped "L" shaped bedroom, they first need to open up the dirty white door with the rusty doorknob. Moving forward there is an oversized, unmade bed with tons of blankets, a pink carpet, and dog stains that makes it look like water was splashed all over the room. To the right, there are a bunch of bins, and a clothing rack. It looks like the room is cramped together, which causes the room to look smaller than it really is. It looks like a potential episode of “Hoarders,” the TV show, or a consumer prison with all the endless wants and needs of too many “new” clothes and things. To the left there is an overfilled dresser where the clothes ...view middle of the document...

If you listen closely you can hear the highway with very loud trucks and cars that are passing by. When you look up at the ceiling at the bright lights, you will notice all of them are working except for one. When a stink bug gets burned in the lamp it leaves an odor of rotten eggs and the smell of an outhouse combined. The temperature can either be frosty cold like the titanic after the ship sank in the water, or so stinking hot like summer days.
Positive Effect:
A person first needs to open up the white door with the antique doorknob. They walk into the "L" shaped cozy bedroom. It looks like the room is inhabited by a person who has a passion for clothing, and she must live in a fashion statement world. You will see the pink carpet, as you make your way to the big comfortable bed. There is a clothing rack that has seven bins behind it for optimal storage, and to the left you will see an antique brown dresser. As you look in the closet you will see a well-loved purple laundry basket that has sexy high heels in it, and two more bins with even more beautiful clothes. The walls are painted with a white heavenly color with butterfly wallpaper in the middle. There is a trim that goes around the room, and on the bottom of it has a purple lavender color. It looks like something straight out of a Martha Stewart catalogue. Sitting in the comfortable bed, a person would have easy access to the piles of clothing on the floor. “Faith, Love, Laugh” are in tan letters, hanging on the wall and there is also an abstract Bret Michael poster. You will also see a big black TV that you can view like a window to the world, and a chair in the corner that can make you warm like a warm glass of milk. A tan wooden desk sits by the window with a cozy black chair that hugs you while doing homework. The sound of the highway and cocker spaniels barking downstairs can provide a white noise for doing...

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