Positioning And Differentiation Essay

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Positioning and Differentiation Paper

Wanda Douglas

Marketing for Health Care/HCS 539

January 09, 2012
Andrea Linder

Positioning and Differentiation Paper
A well-planned marketing and branding approach will offer a course of action for the development of an effective marketing campaign. A hospitals marketing and branding strategies are key factors of consideration in the development of comprehensive marketing plan. Northwest Hospital and Sinai Hospital of Baltimore have both successfully marketed themselves in the community as exceptional health care providers by providing quality care. The purpose of this paper is to examine ...view middle of the document...

It serves the health care needs of the northwest Baltimore metropolitan area. The hospital was established in 1962, and it was originally called Liberty Court Rehabilitation Center; however, in 1963 the organization changed its name to Baltimore County General Hospital. In 1993, the hospital was renamed to Northwest Hospital (Northwest Hospital, n.d.). Some of the areas the hospitals covers are Baltimore County, western Baltimore City, Carroll County, and Howard County. Northwest hospital has 264 private inpatient beds that care for medical, surgical, behavioral health, rehabilitative, and hospice patients. In addition to three different specialty units, the hospital has 12 different departments, including Anesthesiology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Orthopedics, and many more to help provide a variety of quality care to patients.

Northwest Hospital Positioning Strategy

Positioning helps establish a company products or services identity within the eyes of the consumer. A company's positioning strategy is affected by a number of variables related to customers' motivations and requirements as well as by its competitors' actions (Entrepreneur, 2012). At Northwest Hospital, the organization uses several positions strategies to attract their target market area. However, the main position strategy that attracts their target market area is having multiple outpatient programs. According to LifeBridge Health, “Northwest Hospital outpatient programs encompass emergency and specialty services that offer the community medical care from clinicians with advanced certifications and fellowship training. The Outpatient Center at Northwest consistently ranks in the 90th plus percentile for customer service” (para. 4). Because the organization has multiple outpatient programs, patients can to receive medical procedures or test without an overnight visit. Many of the procedures and test performed in an outpatient facility can be done within a few hours. These types of services attract patients to the organization because it is faster and reduce cost. Howard County General Hospital, on the other hand, does not have multiple outpatient programs.

Northwest Hospital Differentiation Strategy

Not only does Northwest have position strategies to help identify products and services, the organization also have differentiation strategies to help gain a competitive advantage by providing a unique product or service to a particular target market. One of Northwest Hospital differentiation strategy is having friesen-design setup. Northwest Hospital is the only hospital in Baltimore that has a friesen-design setup. A friesen-design hospital is different from a traditional hospital because it creates an environment beneficial to direct patient care through smaller bedding units, elimination of nursing stations, supplies, medications, and charts placed in proximity to patients. A friesen-design hospital will allow nursing staff to provide one-on-one patient care, which is...

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