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Position Paper Caffeine

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Caffeine is found naturally in most foods. We can get the required amounts strictly from food sources. The added caffeine that is put into some foods and drinks as a preservative can really over load the body with caffeine. The recommended daily allowance is roughly 3 cups of coffee during the course of the day. Even though the amount varies from person to person depending on size and tolerance, it has been shown that just moderate use of caffeine can cause symptoms such as nervousness, jitters, headaches, anxiety, depression, and difficulty sleeping.
Moderate caffeine use can affect many people without it registering. Slight irritability and being a little jumpy seems like a ...view middle of the document...

There are no known addictive qualities in caffeine that could get it classified as a drug even though it has properties of a stimulant. Studies have been done and are saying that there is no link between caffeine and cancer in laboratory rats. And added to certain foods and drinks, it helps preserve shelf time as well as freshness and flavor. This product really helps out when it comes to the food industry by helping to cut costs and give the product more time to reach the customers. But at what cost to the general public?
Even though it is GRAS by the FDA when classified as a food, even moderate use can cause adverse effects in people depending on that person’s sensitivity. And studies have also shown that increased or prolonged use can increase a person’s sensitivity to caffeine. This can have even worsening effects and can aggravate existing medical conditions such as heart disease. So why not limit the amount of caffeine to avoid these harmful effects? And now in our society caffeine is consumed in such large amounts as to cause death.
Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and other stimulant like chemicals. Our younger generation consumes these things daily and most drink more than one per day. And one drink is 24-32 ounces depending on the size. Drinking caffeine in such massive amounts can contribute to the person’s ability to pay attention or even sit still. The dose is so high that it can cause heart arrhythmia even in healthy people without heart disease.
The parents of Anais Fournier of Hagerstown, Md., sued the company that makes Monster Energy Drinks, saying caffeine in the drinks killed the 14-year-old girl. The autopsy report attributed her death to “cardiac...

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