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Position Of The Product In Shelves

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There are some basic categories of supermarket shelves, such as dairy product fridge, canned food shelves, fresh fruit and vegetable, oil and spices/condiments shelves, frozen food, breads and grain/cereals, meat poultry and fish cases, snacks shelves and beverages (Jibrin, 2012) . Moreover, grocery store shelves divided into three (3) parts or levels for the product placement. The first level is eye level, grocery store usually place the most expensive and popular brand in this level. The eye level is the most important level, because this level is very eye catching for the customer and they could see clearly the product that put in this level (Matamalas & Ramos, 2009) .
The second level is hands level. In this level customer has an easy ...view middle of the document...

I. Australia
The grocery store in Australia placed the same product and a lot of brands of the product in one shelves, but they do not sort the products/brands based on the price. People could see the expensive product in the middle level while the cheaper one in the top level. Regarding to the private brand (ex : woolworth), it not always placed in the bottom of the shelves; sometimes the private brand placed in the middle shelves or even in the top level and also placed side by side with well-known brand.
Australian grocery store tend to put smaller size product in the top and the bigger size in the bottom of the shelves; for example 200 grams Kraft peanut jam put on the top of the shelves and 500 grams Kraft peanut jam put on the lower level. Moreover, discount items often placed near to the cashier, entrance door and gondolas. Gondola is parts of shelves, located in the end and placed next to main corridors; discount item which usually placed in the gondola often not related with the product in the shelves (Matamalas & Ramos, 2009). For example on canned food shelves, the discount item placed in gondola is chips. Most of the grocery store also tend to put green vegetable in a fridge.

II. Indonesia
Indonesian grocery store usually put the same product and one brand in one shelves, from the top level until the bottom level. For example, Gatsby hair gel put in one shelves from the top until the bottom level. The private brand also put in one shelves from the top level until the bottom level and also placed in strategic area.
Non Hallal product usually placed separately from the other product, and there is a sign of non hallal in that shelves. Moreover, imported products are placed on seperate shelves from local products and sort based on the product country of origin. Green vegetable also not placed in a fridge.

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