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Portfolio Analysis: The Market Position

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Portfolio Analysis: The Market Position

Juanita Williams
American Intercontinental University
August 30, 2015
Dr. Christopher Miller

Portfolio Analysis: The Market Position

The decision making process among hospitals are very complex, therefore, it has become more prevalent to use a portfolio analysis in there strategic planning process. The portfolio analysis will help any organization address some of the obstacles they face such as the appropriateness and measurement of growth (McCain, 1987). It is an important aspect of evaluating when the organization has the idea to start a new project or not. In he portfolio analysis the services ...view middle of the document...

The products and services that would be entered here are the ones that have a high rating in market share and market growth. Basically these have the biggest potential to give the organization a long term success and growth within the market (AIU, 2015). For the Sisters of Charity hospital, some of the services that can be under the stars quadrant would be the women’s screening services as well as their rehabilitation services.

There is some good profit in having an organization who does health screens. With its quick screening process and use of resources is optimal, heart disease screening is a good choice for this organization and fits well with in the stars quadrant. Things included in the screenings are blood testing, electrocardiograms (EKG), exams, and consulting with the doctor. This service is under the star quadrant because it is giving the women of the community the preventative care they need, and it lowers their chances of getting the disease or any other more pressing problem in the future. Which of course will cause them more financial issues due to the constant cost of healthcare. It will also allow for new patients to come in for other services and generate more income to flow within the organization, especially if the women may need referrals for other services. Finding problematic health issues early can mean that resources are used less, and the organization is still profiting from services rendered.

Many diseases will require patients to have rehab, which will make rehabilitation an important asset to have within the organization. In today’s society rehabilitation is used as a means of prevention and can keep patients from having to be readmitted (Willman and Mann, 2012). For hospitals the focus has been put on readmission rates and how to prevent that from happening. Rehabilitation services at the Sisters of Charity hospital will aide in the reduction of admission costs, and at the same time using their resources wisely with giving rehabilitation education and programs to their community. Giving these services versus giving specialized care to patients will cost much less.

The Problem Children

In the problem child quadrant, the focus is on the low level of the market share and high market growth. For Sisters of Charity, their problem children would be their services in orthopedics and neuro-spine services, as well as their screening and treatments of cancer. The neuro-spin and orthopedics is a new service that is being offered. Insurance companies are not particularly fond of funding services that may not be seen as standard of care. In cases like this, patients often don’t get the new and improved services or procedures they may need. There is also the need for new specialty doctors which will make a need for hiring more staff. If these services have a possibility of not being offered at this hospital, then it will force patients to have to look elsewhere for this particular service.

This goes for...

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