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Portfolio Essay

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The aim of this assignment is to reflect on how the team presentation went, what the advantages and disadvantages were and how they were overcome. Also to look and compare different organisation techniques to the Greenwich Market and a fast-food restaurant and see what changes or suggestions could be made to the next academic year.

Theorist’s Positive Teachings
According to Gustafson and Kleiner (1994) “High performance teams work in organisations where staffs are just as responsible as managers for the performance of the team.”
Belbin’s team role theory states: “A team role is “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.”
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Below is what we decided:
Lewe – Completer-Finisher.
As a team we chose Lewe to be a Completer-Finisher, this was because we have seen from previous experiences that, he pay good attention to detail. He picks up every small detail. We also noticed that he got things done on time, not just in this exercise but in other exercises.
Glen – Shaper, Resource Investigator & Monitor evaluator
As a team we chose Glen to be a Shaper, Resource Investigator & Monitor evaluator, this was because as a team we ask each other what we felt what attributes would be suitable to us. From past experiences Glen proved that he is ready to overcome any obstacles and get on what he is assigned to do, which is what a Shaper does.

Jade – Plant & Monitor Evaluator
Lastly as a team, we decided that Jade should be a Plant & Monitor Evaluator, this is because as a team we decided that she was creative and generates good ideas. Jade came up with the Volunteers pass for volunteers along with Lewe. As a team we also noticed that she looks at all the different angles of the problems within the group and tries to fix it and also good at making good decisions. This was seen in past exercises.

The Good points on given reasonable presentations
There are four important features of effective presentations. These are:
* Big
* Simple
* Clear
* Consistent
These features are very important when giving presentations to make the presentations more effective and not put the audience to sleep.
* Big
* People on the back row should be able to read the text of the presentation
* Simple
* The slide should consist of no more than 6 lines per slide and no more than 7 words per line of the text
* Clear
* It would be wise to choose a font that is suitable for everyone to read. Also the size of the text should be suitable.
* Consistent
* To be able to inform and educate the audience is the main priority of doing a presentation. Transitions are very good to use, it gives the audience the view of how the different stages are related together.
Team GAFA, used these features to enhance the group presentation. This was shown by the positive feedback given to the group after. We showed consistency throughout the presentation. Our slides were the same all the way through and our transitions were good. The clarity of the text was good, as we didn’t put too much information unto our slides. We showed that we did our research well as we kept our slides simple and clear, as we only put important information unto the slides.
From observing other presentations, there was one that really caught my eye. At the start of the presentation they showed a little video clip, highlights of all the Great Britain winners of the last Olympic Games that occurred. This showed that they put a lot of thought into what they want to do and it really captured the audience eye. At the end of the presentation, they concluded with how they...

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