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Port Singapore Essay

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A Resources-Based View of Competitive Advantage at The Port of Singapore

Singapore has important natural resources include its large protected harbor, its location in major trade
routes (Singapore is located where the ship traffic between Europe and South East Asia and the US West
Coast and South East Asia must pass) , and the skills of its well-educated workforce.
As shipping became containerized, a port required massive infrastucture development like berths,
cranes, trucks, storage, and so on. In 1972 Singapore open its first container berth and in 1997 the Port
of Singapore Authority was privatized and its name was changed to PSA Corpration eventhough the
Singapore government ...view middle of the document...

course, it cannot be separated from the excellent operation in the Port, PSA developed the Port’s
attributes and enhanced the attraction of its location.
Key operations. Being sited in a strategic location has its advantage. More than 200 shipping lines with
connection to 600 ports in 123 countries choose to call PSA, this kind of high volume traffic requires
efficient port operations. Customer requirements include frieght rates, frequency of services, shipping
options, turnaround time, port charges (20%), support services (ship maintenance and ship supplies),
and feeder operations.
Port Operations

These operations have to be well coordinated to minimize the ship turnaround times. Before ship arrives
in Singapore, the shipping companies send a message to PSA through the PortNet system, the company
indicates when the ship will be arriving and applies for berthing spaces. Information to PortNet includes
how many container are on board, how they are arranged, their destination, and their promised arrival
date, it can be made between one month and 24 hours before the ship arrives.
PSA has been anticipating the globaization since 1960s and they built the first container port in the
region. PSA also made early preparations to harness information and technology on a major scale and
used it strategically in its port operation in the 1980s. Thre are some support features that make port
operations highly effective and help sustain its competitive edge. There are:

Singapore has a large merchant fleet, 3.037 ships with 25, 572 millions gross tons at the end of
PSA manages over 500.000 m2 of Tanjong Pagar, Alexandra, and Pasir Panjang Distriparks wich
cater to a host of distribution operators, manudafcturers, traders, and freight forwarders.
PSA personnel is prepared to focus on customers. It has a programs, Key Customers Managers
and Chat Time.
PSA has been developed several web solutions to intensify its operations and also link the
customer’s operation to its own thus creating long-term strategic tie-in with customers. They are
EZShips, GEMS, EZBill, CargoD2D, TRAVIS, and so on. These enable PSA reducing the time.
PSA invested in information and operation technology to reduce operating problems and to
remove conctraints on the growth of container traffic. They are TradeNet, CITOS (The Computer
Integrated Terminals Operations Systems), The Container Number Recognition System, The Ship
Planning Subsystem, The Yard Planning, CIMOS (The Computer Integrated Marine Operation

The Analysis
The primary resources of PSA are the Singapore’s natural harbor and location, the location is good for
shipment between Asia and Europe and between Asia and the west...

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