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Population Problem In Bangladesh Essay

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Board Questions (Paper−2)



Board Ques. 2nd


Sure Success HSC Communicative English Test Papers

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English (Compulsory)− Second Paper − Full Marks : 100 Time : Three hours Part−A : Grammar (40 Marks) told her that she should not worry about her studies. − (Simple) (d) Her mother often writes to her. 1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from (Interrogative) (e) She feels, that her mother is the list. Put them in the correct tense. Use better than all other mothers in the world. negatives where necessary. 1×5=5 (Superlative) occur increase punish keep 7. Fill in the blanks with appropriate tag ...view middle of the document...

10 Your elder brother 10. Write a short composition on the following : 15 Nasim (a) The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh (b) 3. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (×) × Population Problem in Bangladesh where an article is not needed. .5 × 10 = 5 11. Write an application to the Upazilla Chairman Tea is a drink. It is also (a)  refreshing drink. The for the repairment of the roads in your locality. 10 preparation of tea is a long but (b)  interesting 12. Write a dialogue between two friends on process. (c)  water is first boiled in (d)  kettle Environmental Pollution. 10 and (e)  desired quantity of (f)  tea dust is put Or, Write a summary of the following passage : in it. After (g)  few minutes (h)  boiled leaves Sincerity is the root of success of all works. One are separated from (i)  liquor. Then the liquor is can go a long way if one does anything with poured into (j)  cup and some milk and sugar are sincerity. The rich people are sincere to their work mixed with it. and they are capable of making anything a success. 4. Make meaningful sentences with the following The great men are also sincere because they know idioms (any five) : 1×5=5 that sincerity is the keystone to success. Those who on the contrary; an open secret; in the mean time; in do not follow the rules of sincerity can never go a the event of; as soon as; in front of; as though. long way in the world. Sincerity is the tonic to any 5. Rewrite the following in the reported speech. 5 work because it helps the work to be done properly. "Oh, my Lord, please do not kill the child," said the If any work is not done properly, one will never get woman. "Let her have him." The king said, "Now good output from it. So we should be sincere in everything is clear to me." Pointing to the woman, every walk of life. he said to the servant, "Give her the child. She is 13. Complete the following story following the clue. 15 the mother of the baby." Once there was a selfish giant who had a large and 6. Read the following passage and transform the beautiful garden. The garden was full of soft green 1×5=5 underlined sentences as directed : grass. Here and there all over the grass stood many (a) Anika wrote a letter to her mother yesterday colorful flowers like stars. The garden was a nice (Passive) (b) She told her mother to send Tk. 1000 to buy some books. (Complex) (c) In the letter, she playground for the beautiful children ..............

Board Ques. 2nd

Board Questions (Paper−2)


English (Compulsory)− Second Paper − 6. Read the following passage and transform the Part−A : Grammar (40 Marks) − underlined sentences as directed : 1×5=5 1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from (a) Water, an important element of environment, is the list. Put them in the correct tense. Use polluted by various ways. (Complex) (b) The water negatives where necessary. 1×5=5 which is pure is necessary for us. (Simple) (c) Men require achieve take become pollute water by...

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