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Popularity Of Social Networks Essay

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Child labor has recently become an unfortunate phenomenon in Egypt. It is worldwide phenomenon that denies the children from their childhood. The children are subjected to hard work and labor which is considered unsuitable for their age. The only stakeholders for this problem are the children themselves . Child labor is a complex problem in Egypt. The Egyptian Government statistics showed that around 1.6 million of the workers are underage workers aging between 5 and 17 years old. This is due to that some employees preferred to recruit these underaged children, because they are easily controled and take fewer wages. Sometimes they even receive no ...view middle of the document...

And now the question is how this organization can aid the major problem of child labor in Egypt? Though the child labor can be handled by various methods. The UNICEF is considered to be one of the most (if not the most) effective organizations aiding children and practically improving their circustances due to many considerations such as its functionality, operational feasibility, geaographical issues, in addition to social and cultural acceptance.
Child labor problem must be linked with its functionality and kept in consideration, as it is a major factor in the process of positively influencing the problem. Functionality mainly shows the ability of fixing the problem and how it can be fixed. The UNICEF aims to support the children by every possible means knowing that child labor is every child’s worst nightmare. Children facing poverty in Egypt usually end up working to improve their families conditions. Most of the cases work in different and dangerous work environments for long hours approximately ranging from 9-11 hours. Since the UNICEF knows that most of these children cannot quit working due to their masive need for earning money and helping their families, “It provides them with basic education and health care, meals, as well as cultural and recreonational activities”, works on developing their abilities, mentalities, personalities, and talents. One of the projects done by the UNICEF in West Alexandria state that “ it reached more than 2,500 working boys and that the project in 2004 is being extended to surve working girls as well”. The UNICEF provides the families aid as well by giving the working children’s mothers loans to start home based businesses thus be motivated to educate their children rather than making them work. Statistics proved how functional the UNICEF is in Egypt for its fruitful effects on people’s lives .
It is guaranteed that no act of kindness is ever wasted . Since this organization is mainly based on volunteerism as mentioned before, there is no fear from the operational feasibilty. It will keep going for the people will surely be glad to participate in aiding such worthy projects. They will keep donating, volunteering, and participating, thus donations received will be spent on...

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