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Popular Vote Essay

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On November 4th, Americans will most likely be voting for President directly or so they think, but in fact the electoral college chooses the President and a proposal is being made to have the people of the 50 states of the United States to elect the leaders themselves. The Electoral College is made up of five hundred and thirty eight elected individuals who in turn vote for the presidential candidate. Each state is given the same amount of electoral votes as senators and representatives in congress for that state. This is controversial because a candidate can win the presidency without winning the national popular vote. If you remember what exactly happened in 2000 in the election between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Although this can happen from time to time, the Electoral College should remain in place and here’s why.
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They were worried that the larger cities and populated areas would get all the attention and since most of the country was rural they felt that this would give a better cross section of the country. While not a very populous state, Iowa is one of the key battleground states due to its tendency to swing Democrat or Republican. This forces the candidates to broaden the range of their campaign beyond the big cities of the east and west coasts.
Another reason to keep the Electoral College would be to preserve the individuality of each state and its unique characteristics. It is even apparent when looking from the east to the west of the country. One side of the country may have different needs and opinions than the other side. An obvious comparison is differences between the state of New York and California. Each is a densely populated region but yet each has its own unique qualities. New York is a main business hub for not only our country but for much of the world. I t is the home of Wall Street, and the New York Stock Exchange. Because of this the voters in that area will have different opinions about the candidates because of what their values and needs are than that of any other part of the country. Compared to New York, California is very different in relation to political wants and needs. Voters in California are more concerned with civil rights and freedoms while New Yorkers have their sights focused on the economy and foreign relations. Another prime example would be a comparison of New Mexico and Florida. Each state has not only different climates, races, and exports but the people in Florida do not have to deal with the same problems or issues as in New Mexico. By keeping the Electoral College the individual states would be able to have a clear opinion to voice, and be represented in the presidential election. It keeps control of the government distributed. Without it, and with direct popular vote, the interests of the voters and the smaller states would certainly be downplayed and ignored.

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