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Popol Vuh Essay

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Acosta 1
Keyla Abigail Acosta
Professor Iris Vallecillo
Didactics of literature
June Monday 18, 2012
The Popol Vuh and Other Similaries Universal Myth
There are many wondrous, mysterious aspects of life which cannot be explained with scientific or measurable proof. Often one of the biggest debates and questions raised among scholars, let alone humans in general, is how we came to be. How were we, and everything else on this earth, created? Why do humans have flaws and commit sins? Many will try and side with whatever view fits their lifestyle, religion, or culture. Most likely if one was brought up to believe in many Gods, they will continue believing this for the rest of ...view middle of the document...

This emerging social classes and establishing a social pyramid where its base is composed of the lower class or dispossessed, composed mainly of people who are essentially of money, and at the top the wealthy or own economic resources. we have throughout history different social classes have changed the name according to its development such as: slave-slave. Mr. Feudal - Servant of the soil and now the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The Sociologists claim that since there are only two classes now rich and poor.

Coto 2
Social Classes in the Popol Vuh (pag. 210), have been classified in the social pyramid specifies the council as the highest authority in your community, comprised intelligent and wise men or older in the population, taking the most important decisions, for example: go or no war. Those who ran the community were the nobles, led by the king, princes whose children were seen to ascend the throne. Every society has tax collectors and army to maintain order and ensure social stability. The middle class made ​​up of artisans and artists for their natural abilities not sending them to grow, as did the peasants, they considered lower class and finally the slaves had no rights.
The Formed by The Priests
Nobles king, princes, counselors
Officials Collector of tax, stewards

Craft carvers, flutists, Artists singers, painters
Artists singers, painters
Warriors Army to order and war

peasant Farmers
slaves Prisoners punished by
Pyramid based on the Popol Vuh, text translated by “Father Francisco Jimenez”
According to the Popol Vuh, the vast majority of the population was controlled and...

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