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Pope John Paul Ii Essay

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Newly canonized Saint Pope John Paul II arose from the ashes of a then occupied Poland to lead over 1.2 billion catholics into a revolution of peace and love during a time when the world seemed to have forgotten that. Saint Pope John Paul II was a great leader in a difficult time due to the fact that he changed the way people think about the catholic church, he restored relation with other religions, and he helped end communism. These actions not only changed the role of the papacy indefinitely, but set fire to the hearts of catholics to change their life, and their faith.

Before Saint Pope John Paul II, the papacy was seen as a position for an old italian man who followed rules and was ...view middle of the document...

The most outstanding statistic, the number of catechists, religious teachers, has risen from 173000 to a staggering 2.8 million.

Saint Pope John Paul II has been credited with restoring broken relations between the Catholic Church and other religious organizations. On February 2, 1992, the Pope addressed Islamic leaders in Dakar, Senegal saying :
“It is natural that believers in God should meet in friendship and sharing. Christians and Muslims, together with the followers of the Jewish religion, belong to what can be called ‘the tradition of Abraham.’ In our respective traditions Abraham is called ‘the intimate friend of God’ (in Arabic, Al-Khalil). He receives this title because of his flawless faith in God. “
It is here, as well as the many other addresses to the islamic community, that the Pope slowly creates a peaceful relationship between the Catholic Church and the Islamic Community. We find that this relationship holds strong even after the tragedies of 9/11 in which the extremist did so in the name of Islam. It is not until John Paul’s successor Pope Benedict XVI makes some unruly comments toward the islamic faith, after visiting and praying with islamic leaders, that we see relations between the Catholics and Muslims seem to end.

Growing up in occupied Poland. John Paul II had become all too familiar with the evils that communism stood for. Before his reign in the papacy, then Karol Wojtyla faced many oppistiions in his attempts to...

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