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Pop Cultures Essay

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Essay F Influences of Pop culture

Influences of Pop Culture
Pop culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other social network activities. It involves everything from video games, music, TV, movies, to the Internet. Pop culture has a massive impact on today’s society. In the past it mainly influenced younger people; now, it seems to affect all age groups. A large section of the population identifies themselves through popular culture as depicted on the television; their behavior is imitated by the ideas that the numerous TV shows present. This type of action is a bad influence on us as people and to our society.
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You can look at kids cartoons and see the influences of pop culture. Just by listening to music can affect the thinking of youths.
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Certain celebrities and video games are setting bad examples for all the youth and even adults in this world. These examples affect the way we think of ourselves, and how we associate with others. The most popular video games are “Call of Duty”, “Grand Theft Auto”, and “Madden Football”. These games are as violent as they come. People spend more time watching TV and playing video games than going outside or just hanging out with friends. A while back people used to play sports or ride their bikes; now, our source of entertainment is through the television and video games.
Pop culture affects people in many ways. For the most part, music makes sex and violence seem acceptable. Hip-hop music is today’s biggest influence on American teens. Guns and sex are the basic of rappers lyrics. For example, when most individuals listen to music, it gives them the thought that they should go out and have unprotected sex, do drugs, pop a molly, kill, drink, and disrespect women, just as the rappers rap about.
There are no restrictions to pop culture. There should be, considering the fact that it is corrupting our minds. There should be a limit to how far rap can go, obtaining to rappers choosing their words wisely. There should be an age appropriate restriction on who can consume certain music. Maybe "Call of Duty" should be for adults only; children don’t need to play those types of video games, thinking they can go out and kill someone so easily.

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