Pollution Essay

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Sheila Petit-Phar
English 101
6th June 2013

Pollution is bad for the environment.

There are many reasons why pollution is bad for the environment. Before we mention the different reasons, we will take a look at the different types of pollutions. We have to be aware that pollution has many different forms meaning that pollution can negatively affect the environment from many different aspects. Therefore, the best way to prove that pollution is bad for the environment is to go through each form of pollutions and talk about the negative effects on our environment.
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Noise pollution is another form of pollution which is often neglected as a form of pollution. The hush sounds of buses, loud music, and industry affect our power of hearing and causes fart trouble. It have been reported that there are two villages named Biraspalli and Devadas Palli near Dum Dum airport Calcutta where a large number of people have lost their power of hearing. This is because of the frequent sounds of planes coming in and going out of Dum Dum airport. Sound doesn’t only affect us humans but also it have a negative impact on nearby ecosystem by frighten animals and changing their preferred habitats. Oil pollution causes massive and long term damage to marine life. The sciences of animals trapped in oil spill are horrific to watch on National Geographic, especially birds once they ingest oil that covers their feathers. This cause serious kidney damage altered liver function, and digestive tract irritation resulting in deaths of many birds. And then we have nuclear waste pollution which is one of the most...

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