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Poll Results: Doctor’s Disruptive Behavior Disturbs Physician Leaders

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The article Poll Results: Doctor’s Disruptive Behavior Disturbs Physician Leaders written by David O. Weber examines the relationship between physicians and medical staff. The American College of Physician Executives produced a survey in 2004 where approximately 1600 physician executives revealed insightful information regarding disruptive physician behaviors (Weber, 2004). The American Medical Association defines disruptive behavior as “a style of interaction with physicians, hospital personnel, patients, family members and others that interferes with patient care”. The survey’s questions make it evident that physician behavior problems are common within hospitals, large group practices, ...view middle of the document...

The nursing shortage has become one of the most pressing concerns for hospitals in the United States. Studies have suggested a relationship between work place stress and nurses job satisfaction, commitment to the organization and an intention to leave the organization. This study points out that fifty-six percent of conflicts are between the physician and nurses (Weber, 2004).
Disruptive physician behaviors cause significant consequences. Doctors have certain expectations that they must follow and if they violate rules certain privileges may be suspended This has created the need for constructive ways to resolve recurring behavioral issues. Seventy percent of respondents have an established code of behaviors at their organization that physicians must follow (Weber, 2004). The code of behavior applies to all members of the organization and eighty percent have a formal disciplinary process. Rigid policies are implemented to prevent physicians from not getting disciplined for their actions. However, two physician executives reported dismissal for trying to implement policies and attempting to hold physicians accountable for their behaviors (Weber, 2004). Addressing the issue of disruptive physician behavior in a positive manner has increased the...

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