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Politics In Sa Essay

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University of KwaZulu-Natal |
Political Science Essay: The Freedom Charter
Pols 307- SA: Apartheid & After |

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Communism can be defined as an ideology whereby everyone within a particular state is regarded as equal. It is an ideology that is all about having an equal society or state in the sense that people of a communist state earn the same salary regardless of their profession. The Freedom Charter is a document drafted in the early 1950’s. It can be described as a document that contained the aspirations and hopes of black people during the Apartheid era of the kind of South Africa they envisioned to live in some day. Chief Albert ...view middle of the document...

However, there was a select few who got to further their education or studies and these people were a part of the black middle class. This middle class, much like in the French Revolution, consisted of the leaders of the movement.
The introduction of the freedom charter affirms that the people shall govern. This declaration is one that brings the intention of a democratic state. The concept of such a state entails a democratic nation. The aim of the freedom charter was nothing more than one of a democratic capitalist land. It goes on to declare equality in terms of voting rights, these were pretty customary, basic human rights that were compulsory to attain for any human being. Then it states that the people should be entitled to the administration of the country and this is where the document again discloses its true purpose.
The line which declares that the land shall be shared among those who work it, speaks of the eradication of the restrictions of racial government laws from possession of the land but not the actual ownership. This clause is all about the removal of restrictions of ownership of the land but not that the white people should give back the land they took from the blacks. In this sense, the continuation of the current owners of certain pieces of land will remain as is only that, the previously oppressed racial groups could now be able to own land. This clause also speaks of the continuation of the exploitation of the working class and the peasants. When it speaks of “those who work it” it relates to the entrepreneurs and the middle classes of the state, meaning that they are the ones who are entitled to the ownership of land and that they will share it among themselves.
There’s a clause that speaks of the country’s wealth and that the people should have equal rights of trade, this statement or clause is one of a capitalist view. It again speaks of the country’s wealth being restored to ‘the people’; the people in this context are the middle class society, the well-educated black people who were the leaders of this democratic movement. If the aim of the freedom charter was one of a communist state then there would be no clause of freedom of trade because in a communist state the whole wealth of the country is evenly shared amongst all its civilians.
Another clause in the freedom charter speaks of people having the freedom of settling their wages. This yet again shows the true intention of this document as a capitalist document. If the true intent of this document was one of a communist approach then wages wouldn’t be settled or agreed upon simply because in such a state the wages are exactly the same for everyone regardless of their profession or expertise. The aspirations for democracy in the freedom charter are nothing but endeavours to prolong capitalist wage slavery. The buttress of this point follows from fact that the Freedom Charter isn’t keen in on overthrowing the various class segments. This means that the...

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