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Politics In Japan Essay

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Indeed, the principles of Containment were central to Truman’s decision in the summer of 1950. Containment had proved a success in Europe, most notably in Greece and Berlin, thus America decided to once again use its power and influence, especially economic, to defend the independence of countries threatened by the expansion of Communism. America were under the assumption that North Korea’s leader Kim Il Sung was simply a puppet of Moscow, and thus in halting Kim Il Sung, Stalin would have been taught a lesson.
Truman’s response to the invasion of North Korea, was also shaped by what had been learnt in the pre second world war days, where aggression by Germany in Europe and Japan in ...view middle of the document...

Anxiety hit the administration, fearing that allies the USA once had, would re-asses their position and seek alignment with the Soviets. With the USSR holding the advantage on both conventional armoury and perhaps nuclear armoury, it was imperative that Truman held his line in Korea, to try and restore faith back into the country.
However not long after the waves had calmed down over the advancement in Soviet nuclear capability, did a second shockwave rock the Truman administration. In 1949 China went Communist, even though America had ploughed in billions of dollars to keep it a democracy, as it was central to his policy in a post-war Asia, China signed a 30 year friendship pact with Stalin, falling directly under his control. The unthinkable was nearly becoming a reality, with the Communists controlling all of Asia, thus it was vital that America went into Korea to push them back.
With China going Communist in 1949, the Red Scare, which started in 1947, was intensified. The domestic factors in the USA between 1945-50 were a great burden on the Truman administration. There was great hysteria throughout the country with the “Red Scare”, where it was thought, that Communists had infiltrated every major American institution, most notably in Hollywood and Government. Thus the FBI under rabid anti communist Hoover pursued a campaign to hunt down the communists, and hold them to hearings under the House Committee on Un-American Activities. This led to many Hollywood actors being blacklisted, with very little support for their films at the cinema, including the great Katharine Hepburn thus forcing them to move abroad if they ever wanted to work again.
To add fuel to the fire, the Socialist party in the USA was gaining more votes than ever, thus this led to Senator Joseph McCarthy to exploit the worrying figures and start the biggest witch-hunt ever held in Government, known as the McCarthy era. McCarthy scattered accusations of communism widely, initially concentrating his fire on members of the State Department. He felt it was a haven for liberals and left-wingers and claimed that they had not given enough support to Jiang in the Chinese Civil War, thus they were to blame for the loss of China. Then when the German-born physicist Klaus Fuchs, who worked on the Americans Manhattan project, was found guilty of espionage in Britain, for leaking atomic secrets to the Russians, the whole situation exploded, and the pressure on the government to deal with the Russians was so...

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